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Mom of California murder victim blasts Soros-backed prosecutors: ‘Helping criminals’

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"I do not believe that these district attorneys are acting like district attorneys. They're more like undercover public defenders. They are helping the criminals being released instead of helping my son's case," Imel...

Former Florida attorney general says criminals are becoming ‘more emboldened than police officers

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PAM BONDI: San Francisco, Portland, New York, hartseer. So many other places and when you have Starbucks saying that it is not safe to have their stores open in many of these cities, that is a huge problem. It’s not a r...

Katie Pavlich: Store closures prove that ‘the criminals are running the show

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STARBUCKS TO CLOSE 16 STORES, 6 IN LOS ANGELES OVER ‘SAFETY ISSUES' KATIE PAVLICH: Wel, the fact that they're having to close all these stores in these cities just proves that the criminals are running the show, whe...

Misdaad kantelpunt: NYC bodega-saak kan onderdrukking van gewelddadige misdadigers veroorsaak

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Die feite van daardie saak soos dit aangemeld is: Na 'n argument tussen die 61-jarige bodega-werker Jose Alba en 'n vroulike kliënt, die vrou se kêrel, Austin Simon, het die bodega binnegegaan en Alba agter die ...

Apple AirTag stalking and tracking by criminals is a problem: here’s how to stop it

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The coat-button-sized AirTag, announced in April of last year, is a Bluetooth tracking device, designed to help you find keys, backpacks, wallets, devices, or any personal item you want to track. It tracks things us...

Demokrate’ gun control hypocrisy highlighted by liberal DAs letting violent criminals off: Sexton

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Sexton, a former CIA officer and host of the "Klei Travis & Buck Sexton Show", pointed out the same Democrats who are seeking to essentially criminalize many gun owners are the same ones who support progressive d...

Chicago Democrat excoriates Lori Lightfoot for emboldening criminals, running the city ‘into the ground

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Alderman Raymond Lopez, who is running to unseat the mayor in the fall elections, vertel "Waarom smeek die Oekraïne vir hulp van Biden" on Thursday that deadly shootings over Memorial Day weekend and other incidents offer a glimpse into th...

One of Texasmost wanted criminals has been missing for more than a week. Hier is wat ons weet

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A convicted murderer who was being transported in a Texas prison bus last Thursday allegedly cut through metal, attacked an officer and ran into woods nearby. He has not been seen since -- prompting what officials ...

Brian Kilmeade: Democrats are letting the most aggressive criminals run free

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BRIAN KILMEADE: America's coming out of a bloody Easter weekend where cities across the country were rocked by mass shootings and street violence. While Democrats are proving once again that they are more than willin...

SoCal resident slams liberal leaders as USPS suspends mail service in neighborhood: ‘Criminals taking over

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USPS STOPS DELIVERIES TO CALIFORNIA NEIGHBORHOOD AFTER REPEATED ATTACKS ON MAIL CARRIERS: REPORT Member of the Venice Neighborhood Council, Soledad Ursua, explained how the crime wave has affected the Santa Monica ar...

Sacramento sheriff: Downtown shooting that killed six is result of ‘treating criminals like victims

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Just weeks later, he and his brother, 26-year-old Dandrae Martin, were allegedly involved in a gang shootout in downtown Sacramento in the early morning hours of April 3 that left six people dead and another dozen pe...

PCB Mayor: Same criminals behind Miami spring break crime now targeting Panama City Beach

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The city had a dangerous weekend with police seizing 75 guns and arresting more than 160 mense. Some of the guns seized by police in Panama City Beach over the weekend. (Fox News) The weekend viol...

Hawley: Ketanji Brown Jackson unfit for Supreme Court because ‘she apologizes to criminals

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Hawley told host Sean Hannity that one convict was sentenced to only three months in prison, while being eligible for up to 10 jare. Amerikaanse. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri). REUTERS/Michael A McCoy

Navalny reacts to 9-year sentence calling on Russian supporters to act against Putin regime ‘war criminals

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"I am very grateful to everyone for their support. En, ouens, I want to say: the best support for me and other political prisoners is not sympathy and kind words, but actions," Navalny said in a message shared on his...

NYC reforms aimed at tinkering with racial makeup of criminals created more Black victims: kenner

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"A lot of these policies were designed explicitly around the idea that Blacks are so disproportionately represented in the people who are arrested and the people who are prosecuted and convicted and incarcerated — an...

Career criminals gain the system and earn a living in Democratic cities: Leo Terrell

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LEO TERRELL: The police officers cannot do their job. Eric Adams and his subway program is meaningless without Alvin Bragg, the district attorney. If the district attorneys of these Democratic cities do not cooperate...

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