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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: Carjacking ‘crisis’ is linked to remote learning

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Lightfoot argued in favor of the connection Monday as Chicago announced that it is expanding its vehicular hijacking task force and installing more cameras and license plate readers around the city in hopes of preven...

Stevie Wonder speaks out against ongoing ‘assaulton civil liberties: ‘America is at a time of crisis

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Stevie Wonder is sounding the alarm about deteriorating civil rights in America. The Grammy winner gave an impassioned speech in defense of civil rights on Tuesday night, while being honored with the Icon Award duri...

Bongino tells Americans what the ‘biggest crisisfacing them is

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EN BONGINO: Mense, the biggest crisis facing us right now in America is the truth crisis — a truth crisis. Ja, we're in a pandemic. Ja, there's a crisis in Ukraine, no doubt. Ja, inflation's terrible. But I'd arg...

Rep. Cammack slams administration for ‘Where’s Waldo’ approach to border crisis

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REP. KAT CAMMACK: This is the Where's Waldo administration. No one can be found. No one wants to take responsibility. You have a border czar and VP Harris who has done close to nothing to stem the flow. You've got Se...

Biden official says food shortages will push farmers to green energy: ‘Never let a crisis go to waste

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"Never let a crisis go to waste," Amerikaanse. Agency for International Development (USAID) Chief Samantha Power told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on "This Week." Speaking of the global consequences of Russia’s war with Ukrai...

'Sondagoggend Futures’ on supply chain crisis, inflation in 2022

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JASON CHAFFETZ, FOX NUUSAnker: Goeie Sondagoggend, almal. And happy new year. I'm Jason Chaffetz, in for Maria Bartiromo.Straight ahead on "Sondagoggend Toekoms": President Biden is facing multiple challenge...

Kamala Harris in Europe: Will she help calm the Russia-Ukraine crisis?

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Administration officials previewing Harris’ trip said the conference comes at a "very decisive moment," saying the vice president’s leadership will serve as a "resounding signal that engagement with our allies and pa...

Goewerneur. Kristi Noem: Border Patrol is ‘overwhelmed,’ immigration crisis will get ‘much, much worse

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"Everyone down here is clear that this is just the beginning," the South Dakota Republican said, fresh from a visit with the 50 National Guardsmen she deployed at the request of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. "They're antic...

Dana Perino: Biden se gebrek aan immigrasiekrisis, grensmuur laat ‘goewerneurs die kans skyn’

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Op Donderdag, gasheer Dana Perino het gewys op Abbott se besluit om staatsgeld te gebruik vir wat veronderstel is om 'n federale verantwoordelikheid te wees as gevolg van die daad van Biden en die minister van binnelandse sake, Alejandro Mayo..

Iran Hostage Crisis Fast Facts

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Hier is 'n blik op die 1979 Iran hostage crisis, waarin 52 US citizens were held captive for 444 dae. Tydlyn 1978 - Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi's authoritarian rule sparks demonstrations and riots. Januarie 16, ...

Mayor of Texas border city blames Biden, Congress amid migrant crisis ‘disaster

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The mayor pointed straight at President Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress for not providing adequate federal management of the situation, thus placing a strain on local governments. OOR 800 UNACPANIED MIGRA...

Biden implementing border crisis on purpose, ‘they doubled down’: Former senior border official

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"In their view, this is a success," the retired official said. "This is a successful policy decision. I don't think this is by mistake." Visepresident Kamala Harris (AP Foto / Patrick Semansky) "Bef...

Ingraham: Biden’s Afghan crisis continues Democrats‘great unravelingof America

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Reporting from San Francisco, Ingraham opined on the tragic state of the "once-great American city" under the grip of full Democratic rule: "While we are horrified, rightly so, as the Taliban terrorize the people of ...

Hannity: Biden se beleid lei ons reguit na 'n gesondheidskrisis

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"Kom ons begin met die entstowwe. President Trump het verlede jaar saam met wetenskaplikes en groot farmaseutiese ondernemings gewerk om al die rompslomp te verminder en veilige effektiewe entstowwe te bespoedig, Joe Biden en Kamala Harris ...

House Republicans submit resolution of inquiry seeking answers from Biden administration over border crisis

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The resolution requests that the administration, through the president, submit documents and communications related to the administration’s handling of the border, and comes after complaints by Republicans that the D...

Greg Gutfeld: The pandemic has exposed an educational system in crisis

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So that's kind of awesome - throwing your kid in the trunk of your car like a set of jumper cables. Jy weet, I think we finally found a woman who can be Julie Banderas for Mother of the Year. Now she faces charge...

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