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FBI Director pushes back after Trump raid, TX gov responds to migrant bus criticism, y más titulares destacados

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‘HYPOCRITICALLY UPSET’ - Texas buses taking migrants to NYC sets off firestorm from Dems, Abbott tells them to take it up with Biden. Continue reading… 'PLAYFUL LITTLE SHOVE' - Texas college students charged after ...

Trump’s choice in Michigan gubernatorial primary faces criticism that she isn’t ‘MAGA’ suficiente

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Grand Haven, Michigan In Michigan's jam-packed Republican primary fight for governor, former President Donald Trump is trying to tip the scales. Just days before the Tuesday primary, Trump threw his support behind Tu...

Democrats defend Biden on abortion amid criticism for lack of action after Dobbs decision

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Democrats are also emphasizing that Americans should be directing their anger at the Supreme Court and Republicans who support its Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization ruling. "Let's set the blame where it b...

Bob Ley, ex estrella de ESPN, sobre las críticas a LIV Golf: Si la misma 'indignación’ extenderse a la NBA?

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Ley apareció en el podcast de Michelle Beadle "Qué me perdí?" Y las dos ex personalidades de ESPN hablaron sobre sportswashing en medio del surgimiento de LIV Golf. El recorrido de golf rival y los jugadores que se han sumado al l...

Cheney defends Trump criticism and January 6 committee work in Wyoming debate

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Representante de Wyoming. Liz Cheney cast the Republican Party as "threatened by fealty to an individual" -- ex presidente Donald Trump -- and defended her work on the committee investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection...

Fed Chair Jerome Powell draws criticism for admitting ‘how little we understand about inflation’

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The comments were made during a European Central Bank forum that was moderated by Bloomberg Editor at Large Francine Lacqua. "I think we now understand better how little we understand about inflation," Powell said. ...

Su. Cornyn defends bipartisan gun deal after conservative criticism of proposed ‘red flag laws

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The Texas senator joined "zorro & Amigos" Tuesday to address the proposals including proposed "red flag laws," which have drawn criticism from some conservatives. GOP senators who negotiated this weekend's deal on...

LIV Players face criticism from 9/11 survivors group

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El viernes, issued a statement that accuses players of, entre otras cosas, helping the Saudi Kingdom "whitewash their reputation" after their involvement in the attacks on 9/11. Dustin Johns...

DA Alvin Bragg evades NYC Mayor Eric Adams criticism that criminal justice system is ‘laughingstock

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Bragg was asked about the mayor's comments during a news conference on a gun-trafficking investigation and seemed to avoid the question. "As the commissioner said, we are law enforcement partners rowing in the same ...

Amid criticism, North Korea takes over as UN disarmament president

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GenevaNorth Korea, which is under sanctions for developing nuclear weapons in defiance of United Nations Security Council Resolutions, has taken over as head of a UN body aimed at striking disarmament deals amid scor...

Carson Wentz: Colts owner Jim Isray’s criticism ‘came out of left field

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During an appearance Tuesday on "The Colin Cowherd Podcast," Wentz revealed he had a very different understanding of his time in Indianapolis and called his dismissal from the Colts a move "out of left field." ...

Kendrick Lamar raps about trans relatives in a new song sparking both praise and criticism

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Kendrick Lamar's highly anticipated new album includes a personal, if problematic, song about his transgender relatives. In the song "Auntie Diaries," off his new record "señor. Morale & the Big Steppers," Lamar ra...

Astros’ Jim Crane fires back at criticism over cheating scandal

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A letter released in April from MLB to the Yankees in 2017 detailed the team’s illicit use of technology during the 2015 y 2016 estaciones. Yankees general manager Brian Cashman was harsh in his criticism of the Astro...

76ers’ Joel Embiid sounds off on MVP award, slams overt media criticism of players trying to get accolades

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Embiid led the league in scoring with 30.6 points per game and carried the 76ers to a fourth-place finish in the Eastern Conference. After the team’s 120-85 loss to the Miami Heat in Game 5 of their NBA playoffs seri...

Autor político reacciona a las críticas a Elon Musk: 'Estas personas están perdiendo la cabeza’

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Putin expuso su justificación para la invasión de Ucrania en julio: Simplemente están reaccionando de forma tan extraña.. Hubo alguien el otro día que decía que era como la última noche de Weimar., Alemania, en Twitter, por lo que ahora podemos esperar redadas de la Brigada Elon Musk..

Mayorkas says DHS has ‘plansin response to bipartisan criticism of border move

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Panama City, Panama Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told CNN on Tuesday that his department is actively preparing for a potential increase in migrants next month when a Trump-era pandemic restriction l...

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