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Queen Elizabeth on climate change: HM appears to criticize global inaction in off-mic comments

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The 95-year-old British monarch was filmed on a phone as she visited Cardiff to open the Welsh parliament. A un certo punto, speaking to her daughter-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and parliament presiding officer ...

Biden approval ‘underwateras Americans criticize his withdrawal from Afghanistan, nuovi sondaggi

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Quinnipiac University's announcement of the poll stated" Biden Underwater On Job Approval And Handling Of Key Issues. The poll was released Tuesday and features responses from 1,210 NOI. adults nationwide, 50% of Ame...

Rubio blasts Biden on Cuba: ‘I don’t know why it’s so hard for them to criticize Marxists

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"I don't know why it's so hard for them to criticize Marxists," Rubio said of the Biden administration in an appearance on "Hannity." CUBAN PRESIDENT URGES COUNTRY'S ‘REVOLUTIONARY’ CITIZENS TO COUNTER PROTESTS The...

Hume: ‘Politically very stupidfor Harris to criticize voter ID, bash rural voters

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Hume told "Relazione speciale" that voter ID is a "tricky issue" per i Democratici, but that they are still trying to "make the most of" their argument against it. "They're trying to label Republicans as people who want to s...

Republicans criticize Biden’s decision to tout infrastructure plan in Wisconsin

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The lawmakers lambasted Biden for his trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin, martedì, where the president worked to sell the new bipartisan infrastructure deal he threatened to not sign before flipping on it over the weeke...

Biden continua a criticare la stampa, dice ai giornalisti che hanno bisogno di una "visione negativa della vita" per avere successo

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Biden si è avvicinato a un gruppo di giornalisti prima di salire a bordo dell'Air Force Once per scusarsi per aver rimproverato Kaitlan Collins della CNN all'inizio della giornata, ma ha continuato rapidamente le sue critiche alla stampa. Un giornalista ha fatto eco all'ori...

WaPo’s Bacon Jr: ‘Going to be hardfor CNN to criticize Chris Cuomo now after allowing interviews

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Recent reports have revealed that the CNN host also gave the embattled governor off-air advice on how to handle his string of sexual harassment allegations. CNN admitted Friday that Chris Cuomo participated in strate...

Biden to criticize tax cuts for wealthy while pushing middle-class agenda in Louisiana

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President Joe Biden on Thursday will make the case that his sweeping economic proposals are better positioned to bolster the middle class than tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, according to a White House of...

Did China’s former Premier just subtly criticize President Xi Jinping?

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This is a wrap of several top stories from China for April 19, 2021. Hong Kong Under President Xi Jinping, China's former leaders have grown accustomed to keeping their heads down. But in an essay published this wee...