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Biden criticizes Texas and Mississippi for lifting restrictions: ‘Neanderthal thinking

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President Joe Biden sharply criticized states such as Texas and Mississippi for lifting Covid-19 restrictions against pleas from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other top public health official...

Nikki Haley kritiseer Trump en sê hy het geen toekoms in die GOP nie

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Washington Voormalige Amerikaanse ambassadeur by die Verenigde Nasies, Nikki Haley, het voormalige president Donald Trump direk gekritiseer vir sy betrokkenheid wat die Amerikaanse Capitol-oproer in 'n nuwe onderhoud gestook het., 'n noemenswaardige veroordeling van sommige ...

Guyana rolls back plan to open Taiwan office after Beijing criticizes ‘mistake

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Guyana abruptly terminated an agreement with Taiwan to open an office in the South American country on Thursday after China urged them to "correct their mistake." Earlier on Thursday, Taiwan's foreign ministry announ...

Acting Homeland Security secretary criticizes Trump’s response but says he’ll stay on the job

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Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf urged President Donald Trump and all elected officials to condemn the violence on Capitol Hill in a sharply-worded statement Thursday, while vowing to stay in his positio...

Social media criticizes UGA fans for not wearing masks, but school says they were following guidelines

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Social media blew up during the Georgia versus Auburn game, not because of football, but because of the crowd. Crowd shots from the TV coverage appeared to show groups within the stadium with few fans wearing masks...