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‘Krokodil Dundee’ ster Paul Hogan skroei Venice Beach se haweloses in nota wat buite sy huis geplaas is: verslag doen

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Op foto's wat hierdie week verskyn het, die 81-jarige akteur word opgemerk met 'n brief wat hy na bewering buite sy Venice Beach-eiendom gepos het, as 'n boodskap aan haweloses, sê in wese hulle moet skram ...

A zoo crocodile in Florida underwent surgery to remove a shoe from her stomach

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A Nile crocodile named Anuket had to undergo surgery in Florida recently. The problem started in December when a shoe slipped off the foot of a tourist ziplining over the crocodile habitat at the St. Augustine Allig...

Human remains found inside crocodile, amid hunt for missing fisherman

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Authorities investigating the disappearance of a fisherman in Queensland, Australië, have found human remains inside a crocodile. Andrew Heard, 69, set out to fish near Hinchinbrook Island on Thursday but didn't ret...

‘Remarkably luckyAustralian man escapes crocodile by prizing jaws off his head

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A "remarkably lucky" Australian man who forced a crocodile off his head by prizing open its jaws with his bare hands has managed to escape with minor injuries, paramedics said. The 44-year-old Queensland man fought ...

Naked fugitive rescued from crocodile infested mangroves by Australian fishermen

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Two fishermen brought home a bigger catch than they were expecting when they rescued a naked fugitive from a crocodile-infested mangrove in northern Australia. Cam Faust and Kevin Joiner were in a small boat laying...

‘Swamp kingprehistoric crocodile identified in Australia

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Scientists in Australia have identified a new species of prehistoric crocodile they have christened the "swamp king." Die wese, officially named Paludirex vincenti, measured more than 16 voete (five meters) long ...