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A 2nd grader at a Christian school was expelled for telling another girl she had a crush on her, mother says

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An 8-year-old student was kicked out of a Christian elementary school, after she told another female student she had a crush on her, the mother says. The incident occurred last week, when Chloe Shelton, a second gra...

Chelsea Handler got a response from that politician she has a crush on

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Chelsea Handler has made no secret of her crush on Governor Andrew Cuomo. Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic she'd been following his daily press briefings and taking to social media to gush about her "grande ...

Why a Democratic landslide in November could crush the GOP for the next decade (or more)

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With independent political handicappers revising upwards the likelihood of Joe Biden winning the presidency and Democratic gains in the Senate and House in recent days, there is now a reasonable chance that we may b...