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Juan Soto, Nelson Cruz pound MetsTylor Megill early, Nationals win

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Both were thrilled to see what Cruz did on Wednesday night, a no-doubt three-run blast to left-center field as the Nationals jumped on Tylor Megill and the first-place New York Mets in an 8-3 vittoria. "It was a long ...

Cruz slams Biden ‘handing overcontrol to ‘Communists’, who refuse to ‘call off their goons

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Cruz described how Justice Alito's home near Alexandria, Va., and Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh's in Chevy Chase, Md., are being besieged by unruly demonstrators – in a show of intimidation that Biden and Democratic...

Cruz si scatena sul "piccolo idiota di sinistra svegliato".’ che ha fatto trapelare il progetto di parere della Corte Suprema: '12 probabili sospetti’

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"È difficile sopravvalutare quanto sia distruttivo per la Corte Suprema, all'indipendenza della magistratura, all'integrità della corte, far trapelare una bozza di parere durante il processo di decisione del caso," ...

Ted Cruz: Democrats are “radicale” e “estremo” on abortion

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TED CRUZ: The partisan Democrats are filled with fury and filled with rage. And they're filled with rage because they want unlimited abortion on demand up until the moment of birth, with taxpayer funding, with no par...

With Cruz backing, Mandel brushes off ‘RINO’ attacks after book alleges dishonesty

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Trump-endorsed candidate J.D. Vance accused Mandel of being a Republican in name only (RINO) following reports from an upcoming book that Mandel pretends to be pro-Make America Great Again on the campaign trail but s...

Judge in Nikolas Cruz sentencing reverses course on jury selection

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The judge presiding over the Nikolas Cruz sentencing reversed course Wednesday, deciding against starting over with jury selection -- something she said two days earlier would happen at the prosecution's request. "...

Ted Cruz asks DC to conduct autopsy on remains of 5 unborn fetuses found in home near Capitol

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Cruz sent a letter to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee III on Friday suggesting the fetuses "may have been murdered or aborted in violation of federal law." He wants the evidence p...

Più persone hanno sparato nel "terrorista" di Tel Aviv: Più persone hanno sparato nel "terrorista" di Tel Aviv’

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Più persone hanno sparato nel "terrorista" di Tel Aviv. Più persone hanno sparato nel "terrorista" di Tel Aviv 17 persone alla Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Più persone hanno sparato nel "terrorista" di Tel Aviv, Più persone hanno sparato nel "terrorista" di Tel Aviv.

Ted Cruz reveals the five lies the White House has told about inflation

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TED CRUZ: The White House has had five separate lies on inflation. Their first lie was: It’s not happening. Don’t believe your eyes. There’s no inflation. Their second lie was: Oh, it’s transitory. sì, it’s happe...

I casi SCOTUS mostrano agli americani "un voto di distanza".’ I casi SCOTUS mostrano agli americani "un voto di distanza".: Suo. Cruz

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"I casi SCOTUS mostrano agli americani "un voto di distanza"., I casi SCOTUS mostrano agli americani "un voto di distanza". 5-4," I casi SCOTUS mostrano agli americani "un voto di distanza".. "I casi SCOTUS mostrano agli americani "un voto di distanza"." I casi SCOTUS mostrano agli americani "un voto di distanza"..

Cruz: Pelosi is ‘preparing to screamif Democrats lose midterms

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"They know they're going to lose. And Nancy Pelosi is not going to go quietly. She is going to scream," Cruz said Tuesday on "L'angolo di Ingraham." "She's already preparing to scream." Speaker of the House N...

Ted Cruz: Biden’s ‘staggeringbudget proposal relies on outdated economic data

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Su "Hannity," Cruz criticized Biden's stated plan to tax unrealized gains, which are the increases of the value of an asset that an investor has not sold. CLAY TRAVIS AND BUCK SEXTON PAN WILL SMITH AFTER HE STRIKES C...

What the children’s books Ted Cruz referenced at Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing really say

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Ted Cruz thrust several books into the spotlight after his puzzling line of questioning at Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court confirmation hearing. In a hearing ostensibly meant to assess whether Jackson is quali...

Cruz: Democrats spent Trump-nominee hearings ‘in the gutter,’ while GOP focused on Jackson’s record

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Cruz, R-Texas, detto "Un bambino perso all'interno del palazzo di Playboy" the same Democrats often went "into the gutter" in their questioning of then-nominees Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett — adding that GOP questions of Jackson were re...

Ted Cruz questions Ketanji Brown Jackson’s answers on sex offender cases: ‘Disturbing pattern

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Cruz, R-Texas, told host Sean Hannity that in nearly every sex offender case she was involved in, she handed down "substantially" weaker sentences than the guidelines provided. GINGRICH SLAMS HARRIS' RAMBLING LOUISIA...

MSNBC guest: ‘Looked like I saw Ted Cruz commit a hate crime’ against Judge Jackson

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Jackson faced several questions Tuesday from Cruz about her knowledge and support of critical race theory. Jackson has previously praised New York Times' reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones’ "1619 Progetto" and serves on the...