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Texas GOP congressman knocks Cruz for Cancun trip and says when a crisis hits, ‘I’m not going to go on some vacation

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Texas GOP Rep. Michael McCaul on Sunday delivered a pointed rebuke of Sen. Ted Cruz following his much-criticized trip to Cancun, Messico, as a winter disaster rocked Texas last week. "Guarda, when a crisis hits my st...

Ted Cruz has repeatedly slammed politicians for vacationing during crisis

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is facing backlash for traveling to Mexico as a winter disaster ravages his home state, has repeatedly criticized politicians who vacationed or took part in leisure activities during times o...

AOC rejects Cruz support over Wall Street chaos: ‘You almost had me murdered

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Rappresentante Democratico. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday accused Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of "trying to get me killed" during the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol and called for his resignation from the Senate, ...

Come Ted Cruz ha fregato i repubblicani del Senato

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La decisione della scorsa settimana del Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (R) per opporsi formalmente al 2020 I risultati del collegio elettorale di questo mercoledì sono stati negativi per i repubblicani. La decisione del senatore del Texas. Ted Cruz (R) organizzare 10 più Se ...

Veramente, Suo. Cruz? This is what you asked Judge Barrett

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Laura Coates is a CNN senior legal analyst. She is a former assistant US attorney for the District of Columbia and trial attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. She is the host of the dail...