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Ted Cruz jabs CNN, suggests Cuban leader Raul Castro should join liberal network

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Without a beat, Su. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suggested Castro's next gig. Some social media users nodded along with Cruz's suggestion, noting that the move would make sense because CNN is the "Communist News Network." Ot...

Washington protesters descend on Cuban embassy, accuse Biden team of supporting communism

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The crowd, draped in Cuban flags and holding signs calling for freedom and liberty, chanted at the gates of the embassy on 16th Street, just blocks from the White House. BLACK LIVES MATTER GLORIFIED CUBAN DICTATOR F...

Sanders loves trashing Republicans but won’t condemn truly oppressive Cuban Communists

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Lijadoras, who previously defended some of the policies of Cuba's previous communist dictator Fidel Castro, including his literacy program, is still silent on whether he supports Cubans speaking out against the communi...

US ‘sleepwalkingtoward new ‘Cuban Missile Crisiswith Kremlin that could harm homeland: Russia expert

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En "Tucker Carlson esta noche," host Tucker Carlson implicated media figures in what he said was cheering on a potential conflict with a rival nation that has a 4,000-strong nuclear weapons arsenal. Carlson criticized J...

Pirro blasts DHSMayorkas refusing Cuban refugees: He knows ‘they’ll probably vote Republican

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Mayorkas issued the warning Tuesday to residents of Cuba, as well as Haiti, where the government in Port-au-Prince has been destabilized by the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. "The time is never right to at...

Cuban refugee worries US headed toward communism: ‘If you lose this country, you have no place to go’

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MAXIMO ALVAREZ: Es muy triste, but ever since the election, right after January the 20th, you've seen what's happened in this country with the signature of our new president, and it seems to me that everything that w...

Biden to discuss new sanctions on Cuban regime with Cuban-American leaders

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President Joe Biden will discuss applying new sanctions on the Cuban regime when he meets with Cuban-American leaders at the White House on Friday, según un funcionario de la Casa Blanca. The meeting takes place weeks...

Rubio slams Biden admin’s ‘major failureof initially tying of Cuban protests to rising COVID cases

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En un comunicado proporcionado a Fox News, Rubio said more than 60 years of "socialist dictatorship and oppression, as well as extraordinary courage from the Cuban people, have led to this historic moment." His message wa...

New York college student, a Cuban immigrant, is concerned about ‘leftist propagandahe sees in US

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That's the gist of the feelings of Justo Antonio Triana, a current Syracuse University student in New York and a recent immigrant from communist Cuba. He shared his dismay and concern about his peers' views of social...

Los legisladores republicanos critican a los "marxistas"’ Black Lives Matter por declaración que culpa a EE. UU. De los disturbios en Cuba

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El miércoles, Black Lives Matter emitió un comunicado en el que condenaba a Estados Unidos por su embargo a Cuba y sugirió que esa es la razón del actual malestar en las calles. AOC, OMAR SILENT DESPUÉS DE BLACK LIVES MATT ...

Marlins unveil new alternate uniforms inspired by Cuban Triple-A team

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El lunes, the club announced that it will have special edition alternate uniforms paying homage to the Triple-A Havana Sugar Kings, a team that played in the international league for a few years during the late 1950...

Médicos cubanos expresan críticas poco frecuentes al manejo del Covid-19 por parte del gobierno

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La Habana tras las protestas generalizadas contra el gobierno el mes pasado, el gobierno cubano ahora está recibiendo críticas sin precedentes de los trabajadores de la salud que dicen que los funcionarios echaron a perder la respuesta de la isla a la pandemia ....

Joe Concha reacts to NYT equating ‘freedomto an ‘anti-government sloganamid Cuban protest

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JOE CONCHA: Mirar, at the New York Times you're not surprised by this, derecho? They said on July 4th that the American flag is a divisive item. It’s a divisive symbol, that’s ridiculous. There was one New York Times re...

Coast Guard rescues 10 Cuban migrants aboard sinking vessel off Florida Coast

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Ten Cuban migrants aboard a sinking vessel were rescued off the Florida coast Thursday, según la Guardia Costera de EE. UU.. A Coast Guard crew first spotted the migrants roughly 40 miles off Key Largo, the Coast Guard...

AOC culpa al sufrimiento de Cuba a las contribuciones de Estados Unidos,’ loros Black Lives Matter

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"Vemos a los cubanos levantarse y protestar por sus derechos como nunca antes. Nos solidarizamos con ellos, y condenar las acciones antidemocráticas lideradas por el presidente Díaz-Canel," la autoproclamada sociedad demócrata..

US grants Cuban baseball players visas days before tourney

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Players and executives with the Cuban team had expressed concern about delays in the visas for the tourney to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, which had led them to apply for them in Mexico, Panama and Guyana. NOSOTROS. a...

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