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Tejanos’ David Culley overheard ripping into coaching staff, players after blowout loss to Bills: reporte

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After the Texans fell 40-0 to the Bills, reporters in the visiting interview room overheard Culley "howling through the walls" as he scolded his team in Houston’s locker room, according to the Houston Chronicle. BIL...

Tejanos’ David Culley teases potential Deshaun Watson start in Week 3

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The Texans started the season with Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback. Taylor left the Texans' Week 2 game with the Cleveland Browns with an injury, and Houston was forced to insert rookie third-round pick Da...

NFL has 1 Black head coach after Texans fire David Culley, league faces social media firestorm

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The Texans went 4-13 in Culley’s lone year but the head coach had to deal with a lot for a first-year head coach. The team had all the legal drama surrounding Deshaun Watson coupled with his trade request and the cir...

NFL down to one Black head coach as Houston Texans fire David Culley after just one season

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Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin is the only Black head coach in the NFL after the Houston Texans fired David Culley after just one season in charge. The Texans went 4-13 during Culley's sole season at the hel...

Texans fire David Culley after his one season as head coach: informes

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In Culley’s first and only season with the Texans, they finished with a 4-13 record and wrapped up the year with a 28-25 loss to the Tennessee Titans. El lunes, Culley said he expected to return, but general manager...