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Elissa Cunane helps No. 2 NC State rout Virginia

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"Heck, I had a hangover from the loss the other night. Heartbreaking, and a lot of things you reflect on," Moore said. "But I thought they did a nice job of having energy. I’m really proud of what they’ve done with t...

Elissa Cunane, Geen. 5 Wolfpack women beat No. 19 Tar Heels

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Considering the way the Wolfpack dominated the opening quarter, maybe he should stick to that approach. N.C. State overwhelmed No. 19 Noord-Carolina 72-45 Donderdagaand, with leading scorer Elissa Cunane contribu...

Elissa Cunane, Geen. 4 NC State women beat No. 16 Hertog

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Cunane scored 23 points and a dozen players scored to help the fourth-ranked N.C. State beat No. 16 Hertog 84-60 op Sondag, keeping the Wolfpack unbeaten in the Atlantic Coast Conference. "I’m used to this time a year ...