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Cuomo comeback talk chilled with former New York governor sitting out Democratic primary

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If former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who resigned amid a sexual harassment scandal last summer, is going to attempt a political comeback in 2022, it will not be under the banner of the party he led for more than a ...

Disgraced ex-NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is plotting a comeback and it’s both horrifying and amazing

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A mere seven months after what seemed like half the women in his orbit credibly accused him of harassment, forcing him to resign, he’s making a comeback. It’s equal parts horrifying and amazing. The gobsmacking gall ...

Gutfeld: The Brothers Cuomo and leftist media are ‘phonies

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NARRATOR: It's the Cuomos! Starring Andrew and Chris. Cool! Ja, they're back like that rash I got from Kat's couch. The disgraced governor and live-action Count Chocula is suggesting he might run again for New York...

Chris Cuomo blasts CNN for ‘selectively enforcingits rules, points to Lemon, Tapper, Toobin controversies

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CNN has faced utter turmoil over the past several months that stemmed from Cuomo's involvement in aiding his brother, then-Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, during his sexual harassment scandal. The network's in...

Chris Cuomo seeks $125 million from CNN in explosive arbitration demand

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CNN fired Cuomo in December following a brief suspension over his extensive involvement in helping his brother, voormalige New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D., stave off sexual misconduct allegations. A subsequent probe of Ch...

New York health department under Cuomo administration undercounted nursing home deaths by about 4,100, audit shows

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The New York health department undercounted the number of Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes by thousands during former Gov. Andrew Cuomo's time in office, an audit conducted by state officials found. The audit, relea...

New York comptroller audit concludes Cuomo admin undercounted COVID nursing home deaths

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According to an audit released Tuesday by New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, Cuomo’s Health Department failed to account for 4,100 nursing home deaths and undercounted the coronavirus death toll in nursin...

Former CNN exec Gollust gleefully texted Andrew Cuomo he’d dealt Trump an ‘Lduring CNN interview: Verslag

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The revelation was part of a lengthy Rolling Stone piece delving into the ethically questionable relationship between recently ousted CNN President Jeff Zucker; his lover and longtime lieutenant Gollust; former New Y...

Cuomo rips ‘cancel culture,’ hints at political comeback

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The Democrat made a campaign-like stop at a Brooklyn church Sunday, delivering a speech in which he condemned "cancel culture." The public appearance, his first since leaving office, came a week after Cuomo’s campaig...

New York state trooper who claims Andrew Cuomo groped her files lawsuit

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Die vrou, named as "Trooper 1" in the lawsuit, is seeking damages from Cuomo and DeRosa and a judgment that they "violated federal, staat, and civil laws" in an attempt to coverup the sexual harassment, Volgens...

Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo

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Vier jaar gelede, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo. Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo. Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo, op Donderdag, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo.

Shelley Ross finds Chris Cuomo assault allegation ‘sickening’: We want this ‘unacceptable behavior to end

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"I find the latest reports of the anonymous woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Chris Cuomo in his ABC office to be sickening," she told Fox News Digital. Then-CNN President Jeff Zucker fired Cuomo in Decemb...

Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo: Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo

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Vroeër vandeesmaand, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo, Hillary Clinton systap Cuomo.

Chris Cuomo a ‘despised figurewithin CNN at this point as fallout continues over his firing: Insider

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The latest was CNN executive Allison Gollust, the girlfriend of recently ousted CNN President Jeff Zucker, whose resignation was announced Tuesday night in a scathing memo from WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar. "The inves...

CNN’s Brian Stelter speculates Jeff Zucker’s resignation is Chris Cuomo trying ‘to burn the place down

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The discussion began with CNN host Alisyn Camerota giving a passionate defense of her former boss. "I just want to say something personal for a moment, if I may. I feel it deeply personally, but I think I speak for ...

Alec Baldwin was allegedly advised by Chris Cuomo not to talk cancel culture amid brother’s scandal

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Beginning in late 2020, a scandal broke out for Andrew Cuomo, then the governor of New York, when he was accused of sexual misconduct. He eventually stepped down from his position but insisted that he did no wrong. C ...

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