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Peterson vince l'offerta olimpica di curling; Shuster è ancora vivo

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Il Team Peterson ha spazzato via il Team Christensen negli Stati Uniti al meglio dei tre. prove di curling, vincente 11-4 sabato sera per guadagnare il posto delle americane nel torneo olimpico femminile di Pechino. Peterson sarà affiancato dalla sua s...

Americans Plys, Persinger make Olympic curling coed field

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The only member of the 2022 NOI. men’s team who wasn’t a part of the gold medal-winning foursome in Pyeongchang, Plys also qualified for the mixed doubles field on Thursday along with Vicky Persinger. The Americans b...

What is curling? Everything you need to know about this winter sport

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When the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games come around every four years, there are many sports which compete to grab the attention of viewers around the world. tuttavia, there is one in particular that seems to ca...

Olimpiadi invernali 2022: Niklas Edin skips Sweden to curling gold, Britain 2nd

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E adesso, infine, Niklas Edin of Sweden has claimed the only major title missing from a career in which he’s established himself as the most decorated skip in curling history. Four years after losing in the final at ...

Olimpiadi invernali 2022: Gran Bretagna, Sweden to play for men’s curling gold

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Four Scottish lads beat the American defending Olympic champions 8-4 in the semifinals Thursday night to clinch no worse than a silver medal and earn the right to play Sweden for the gold. Although Scotland is curlin...

Olimpiadi invernali 2022: Canada’s Brad Gushue takes bronze in curling, US fourth

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The Canadians capitalized on a missed final shot by American — and reigning Olympic champion — John Shuster in the second-to-last end that turned a one-point edge into an insurmountable 8-5 condurre. Gushue won gold in T...

Olympic curling is a family affair for US women and others

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Her teammates brought the real thing. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . Skip Tabitha Peterson needs only to look down the ice for a comforting face: Sua sorella, Tara, is also on the U.S. women’s team. Becca ...

Olimpiadi invernali 2022: US men reach curling semis, keep repeat gold in play

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Three sheets away from the Americans' final match of the Olympic curling round-robin, Norway was playing Italy. A Norwegian loss would put the reigning gold medalists in the playoffs — regardless of what they did aga...

James Harden sorride mentre eccelle nel debutto dei Philadelphia 76ers dopo uno scambio di successo: Gymnastics, curling add Russian athletes to sports bans

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The International Gymnastics Federation on Friday said Russian and Belarusian athletes or officials, including judges, will not be allowed to participate in sanctioned competitions, indefinitely. The World Curling Fe...