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Tatum (44) bests Curry (47), Celtics beat Warriors 119-114

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Tatum scored 44 points — the second-highest total in his career — and Kemba Walker made a 3-pointer with 24 seconds left to help Boston beat the Golden State Warriors 119-114 Saterdagaand. "He’s incredible," Wal...

Curry scores 33, Warriors roll to 119-101 win over Cavaliers

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Kerrie, who made an NBA-record 29 3-pointers over the previous three games, is averaging 38.2 points during his torrid run. He missed his first eight attempts beyond the arc, finishing 4 van 13, and had five assists in...

Curry scores 53 as Warriors beat Nuggets 116-107

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Draymond Green had 18 punte, seven rebounds, and seven assists, Andrew Wiggins scored 17 points and Kent Bazemore added 14 for the Warriors. Nikola Jokić led the Nuggets with 27 punte, 12 rebounds, and eight assist...

Stephen Curry scores 38 punte, Warriors beat Rockets

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Curry had his sixth straight 30-point game, the longest streak of his career. The two-time MVP made eight 3-pointers and had five assists and eight rebounds. Andrew Wiggins added 25 points for Golden State. Jordan Po...

Kerrie, Warriors use furious finish to hold off Bucks 122-121

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Kelly Oubre Jr. converted a pair of free throws with 7.7 seconds left to give Golden State the lead, and Milwaukee missed at the end as the Warriors held off the Bucks 122-121 on Tuesday night. Curry knocked down a 3...

Stephen Curry thumped the Clippers with a 38-point performance to give the Warriors a comeback win

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The Los Angeles Clippers found out just how hot Stephen Curry can be after allowing the Golden State Warriors to come from a 22-point deficit. It's not like NBA fans have not seen this kind of performance from Curr...

Tim Curry om by ‘Rocky Horror aan te sluit’ live stream om Demokrate te help

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Let's do the time warp again. Tim Curry sal by 'n paar van sy mede aansluit "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" lede vir 'n regstreekse stroom ten bate van die Demokratiese Party van Wisconsin, volgens 'n persverklaring. It's j...