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Suspect in custody after multiple people shot at Buffalo supermarket, sê die polisie

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A suspect is in custody after multiple people were shot at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday afternoon, polisie gesê. Buffalo police responded to the scene of an "active multiple shooting event" by die ...

WNBA regular season to start without Brittney Griner, who’s still in Russian custody

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The WNBA's 26th regular season starts Friday without one of the league's most exciting players, Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner, who remains detained in Russia. The seven-time All-Star was arrested in Februar...

Ant Anstead’s emergency full custody petition for son shared with Christina Haack denied by judge

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A California Superior Court judge in Orange County denied the filing Thursday because Anstead didn't give Hall enough time to respond and did not prove there were "exigent" circumstances surrounding the child's care....

Brooklyn subway shooting suspect Frank James in custody, eindig 24+ hour manhunt; ‘We got him

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Wearing a blue shirt, dark-colored pants and dark sneakers, Frank R. James, 62, was arrested by the New York Police Department just before 1:45 nm. plaaslike tyd. He was later escorted out of the NYPD's 9th Precinct st...

3 Country-ster Kelsea Ballerini sal steeds die CMT Music Awards aanbied, selfs nadat sy positief getoets het vir Covid-19

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Country-ster Kelsea Ballerini sal steeds die CMT Music Awards aanbied, selfs nadat sy positief getoets het vir Covid-19. Country-ster Kelsea Ballerini sal steeds die CMT Music Awards aanbied, selfs nadat sy positief getoets het vir Covid-19.

New York mob hitman Dominic Taddeo caught after escaping federal custody

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US Marshals in South Florida captured Dominic Taddeo on Monday, one week after the Rochester, New York, mob hitman escaped federal custody. Taddeo, 64, was apprehended without incident in Hialeah in Miami-Dade Count...

New York mob hitman Dominic Taddeo, set to be released next year, escapes federal custody

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Dominic Taddeo -- a Rochester, New York, mobster who fatally shot three people and attempted to kill two others -- escaped federal custody this week, less than a year before he was set to be released. Taddeo, 64, w ...

Three Buffalo, New York police officers shot during pursuit, multiple people in custody, sê die polisie

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The officers sustained non-life threading wounds and several people were in police custody, the Buffalo Police Department tweeted. Authorities have not disclosed the events that preceded the chase and how many suspec...

Chicago police officer shot, another pinned between vehicles during traffic stop; verdagtes in aanhouding

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The shootout happened around 9:15 nm. in die 3000 block of West Polk Street on the city’s West Side, FOX32 Chicago reported, met verwysing na die polisie. CHICAGO MAN SHOT DEAD JUST BLOCKS FROM WRIGLEY FIELD AMONG 4 WEEKEND MURDE...

WNBA star Brittney Griner said to be in ‘good conditionunder Russian custody

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Amerikaanse. State Department spokesperson Ned Price said on CNN on Wednesday that an official from the U.S. Embassy was able to see the WNBA star recently and she was said to be "in good condition." The Russian government a...

Jussie Smollett begins jail sentence in protective custody

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Sheriff's deputies immediately took Smollett to the Cook County Jail Thursday night after Judge James Linn sentenced the Black and gay actor to 30 months of felony probation, starting with a five-month term in jail, ...

Inmate at large after escaping custody at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, sê owerhede

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Tyler James Martinez, 31, was being extradited from Los Angeles to Wisconsin's Brown County Jail when he escaped an employee of REDI Transports, a contracted service for the Brown County Sheriff’s Office. Martinez es...

A 20-year-old man was pulled over and jailed after a traffic violation. He died later that day in police custody

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A man arrested during a traffic stop Wednesday died in jail hours after he was taken into custody, Milwaukee police said. The 20-year-old was pulled over for a traffic violation around 1:55 am. Woensdag, police s...

Mississippi escaped inmate in custody after manhunt, some prison employees facing disciplinary action

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Michael Floyd Wilson, ook bekend as, "Pretty Boy Floyd," 51, was taken into custody in Harrison County just before 1 nm. Tuesday by deputies with the Harrison County Sheriff's Office. Authorities said a woman tipped...

[object Window], verdagte in aanhouding, sê die polisie

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"Dank die Here, [object Window]," Danielle Outlaw, polisiekommissaris van Philly, het Vrydagaand getwiet. "[object Window], [object Window].

Tennessee deputy shot during traffic stop, verdagte in aanhouding, balju sê

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The deputy with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office was trying to pull over a driver along Old Pinewood Road, but the driver refused to stop, het die balju se kantoor gesê. FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE VP PLEADS FOR ‘DEM...

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