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Arizona cop who shot and killed Walmart customer in wheelchair fired from force

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Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus told reporters he was "deeply disturbed and troubled" by the actions of Ryan Remington, a four-year veteran of the police force. Authorities released footage of the shooting Tuesday. ...


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A "顧客の混乱" アトランタからロサンゼルスへのデルタ航空のフライトに乗って、月曜日にフライトがダラスに迂回されました, デルタによると. 事件はデルタ航空で発生しました 365 かかった。.

As crime soars, de Blasio says NYPD must be about ‘customer service’

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During his daily City Hall news conference, de Blasio ignored the pressing issue of public safety and called his "revolutionary" initiative for the NYPD "a paradigm shift," 言って, "Customer service has to be what th...

Customer pulls gun on Philadelphia Chipotle cashier, demands she speak to manager: ‘Give me my food

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事件は周りに起こった 5 午後. at a Chipotle restaurant in the Roosevelt Mall on Cottman Avenue after the manager instructed employees to close the store and tell waiting customers to place their orders online d...

Florida restaurant receives $10,000 tip from generous customer

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A man in Florida decided to show his appreciation for the workers at a restaurant by leaving them a big tip. The patron left enough money for each member of the staff to get a sizable amount of money. The t...

Texas bookstore owner shares letter from customer claiming mask requirements will lead to new ‘Jim Crow

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The anonymous customer, who identified herself as a librarian from Austin, wrote a letter to the owner of the Painted Porch bookstore in Bastrop, Texas expressing her disappointment of leaving the bookstore due to th...

A customer left a $16,000 tip after ordering some hot dogs, chips and a few drinks

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It was an ordinary Saturday afternoon in New Hampshire when a hungry customer walked into a restaurant, sat at the outside bar, and ordered some food. Roughly two hot dogs, some chips, a coke, a beer and a shot of t...

逃げる顧客によって撃たれた戦いを止めようとしているマクドナルドの労働者: 報告する

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当局は、ドライブスルーでマクドナルドの従業員に唾を吐いたとして告発されたジョージア州の容疑者を逮捕しました. 別の従業員は、容疑者が射殺された後、生命を脅かさない怪我を負ったと伝えられています。.

マクドナルドの顧客は「全員を処刑すると脅した」’ ハッピーセットが食べられなかったとき

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バージニア州の男性は、ハッピーセットを食べることができなかったので、マクドナルドで全員を処刑すると脅したと言われています。. 容疑者はまた、当局が発表する前に、その地域の他の数人を脅迫したと考えられています..


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事件は周りに起こった 7:30 午後. ヘメットのサンドイッチチェーンの場所で日曜日, 85 ロサンゼルスの東マイル, ソーシャルメディアに投稿されたビデオでキャプチャされました. "識別しようとして落ち着きました ...

Starbucks barista shares long order made by a customer, Twitter explodes

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The viral tweet, which comes from a Twitter user who goes by Josie, showed a photo of a Venti-sized Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino. A printed label attached to the 24-ounce beverage reflects 13 drink modifications...

Terminally ill customer leaves $1G tip, pays for 2 other tables at Tennessee restaurant

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Burg Steakhouse, in Gatlinburg, テネシー, was having a typical, busy Saturday. Head server Ashley Rackstraw told WATE that the restaurant is "always busy" with no downtime for staff. "It started pretty much like an...


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彼女は今月初めにTikTokにビデオを投稿しました, マクドナルドが "野蛮人。" 日曜日の午後現在, ビデオは 1.2 百万ビュー. ローガンは、テキサスマクドナルドは短いと思っていると述べた。.

Domino’s customer points gun at workers because he couldn’t get toppings on the side: 報告する

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A Domino’s customer in Minnesota allegedly threatened workers with a gun over a dispute about pizza toppings. どうやら, the customer wanted to get the toppings on the side and the pizzeria was unable to do so. ...

Applebeeの顧客攻撃は自転車で料理をする, 警官はバッグの中にダイナマイトを見つけます

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容疑者は、ウィスコンシン州のレストランチェーンのある場所で、他の顧客に人種的なスラーを叫ぶシーンを作ったとされています。, 子供を含む. 当局が後でその男を見つけたとき, 彼らは報告した。.

New Jersey server receives almost $2G after customer refuses to tip over COVID-19 rules

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Like many restaurants during the pandemic, Glenbrook Brewery – which opened only five weeks ago – has instituted a 90-minute time limit for dine-in customers. しかしながら, one customer apparently didn’t like that policy ...

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