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Winter storm will strike East Coast as bomb cyclone

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According to Fox Weather, the system will bring snow from parts of the Plains and Midwest and into the South on Friday, before blasting the East Coast with heavy snow and high winds on Saturday. FLORIDA WILDFIRES FO...

Tropical Cyclone Gombe is due to rapidly intensify before bringing parts of Mozambique several monthsworth of rain over just a few days

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Tropical Cyclone Gombe is expected to rapidly intensify over the next 24 ure, growing to the equivalent of a major hurricane before making landfall Friday in northern Mozambique. Gombe is forecast to soak northern...

Powerful storm threatens central US with snow and could become a bomb cyclone as it moves east

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A strong winter storm is expected to impact a large swath of the US, bringing snow Thursday to the central region before forming into a bomb cyclone on its way east over the weekend. Oor 11 million people were un...

A bomb cyclone will bring winter weather with extreme winds back to the South and Northeast this weekend

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A powerful storm taking shape across the central part of the country will rapidly strengthen into a bomb cyclone as it moves east -- bringing damaging winds, heavy rain, and even snow from Louisiana to Maine. A bomb...

Death toll rises after Tropical Cyclone Ana tears across southern Africa

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Meer as 80 people have now died and tens of thousands more are impacted after Tropical Cyclone Ana tore across southern Africa this week, the European Commission's humanitarian agency said Friday. The European Civ...

A bomb cyclone with the power of a hurricane will unleash snow and blizzard-like conditions this weekend

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Confidence is growing that a winter storm with the intensity of a hurricane, snow measured in feet and blizzard-like conditions will impact major Northeast cities this weekend. "The models continue to show a nor'eas...

NFL fans brave bomb cyclone to watch 49ers-Colts game

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Levi’s Stadium was drenched in rain throughout the night, but fans managed to sit either in their seats and brave the rain or park themselves on the concourse to watch under the awning. There were dozens of people in...

What is a bomb cyclone?

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Fox News' Janice Dean said Thursday that some areas are expected to receive upwards of two feet, while California will reportedly experience debris flows, flash flooding and mudslides – a big hazard, especially in wi...

Tropical Cyclone Nicholas remnants pose heavy rain, flood threats

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Moisture will target portions of the Tennessee and lower Ohio valleys and the southern Appalachians. Daarbenewens, some onshore winds off the Southeast coast will bring more moisture to the system, supporting heavy...

Post-tropical cyclone Fred prompts flood watches, waarskuwings

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Flood watches and warnings have been issued across West Virginia, eastern Ohio and north through Pennsylvania and New York. While the system still continues to weaken, several inches of rain will fall along its pat...

Cyclone Yaas batters India’s east coast leaving tens of thousands homeless

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At least three people died and tens of thousands were made homeless when a powerful cyclone swept into eastern India from the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday, inundating hundreds of low-lying villages, amptenare gesê. Cy...

’n Snel ontwikkelende tropiese sikloon hou ’n beduidende bedreiging vir Noordwes-Indië en Pakistan in

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'n Ontwikkelende tropiese sikloon oor die Arabiese See sal na verwagting oor die naweek aansienlik versterk word tot die genoemde sikloon Tauktae en 'n potensieel katastrofiese bedreiging vir dele van Indië en Pakistan langs mekaar inhou..

Rescuers hunt for survivors after cyclone wreaks havoc in Indonesia

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Rescuers searched for dozens of people missing in remote islands of southeast Indonesia on Tuesday while expecting more casualties in the aftermath of a tropical cyclone that has killed at least 128. Helicopters were...

Cyclone Yasa rips through Fiji, doodmaak ten minste 2 people and destroying homes

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Hurricane force winds and torrential rain brought by Cyclone Yasa have destroyed scores of houses and flattened crops in Fiji's northern regions, aid agencies said on Friday. Two casualties have been confirmed, akkoord ...

Fiji under curfew as powerful Cyclone Yasa set to make landfall

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Fiji's government ordered a nationwide curfew on Thursday, including a ban on public transportation, with a potentially devastating cyclone expected to unleash powerful winds and flooding on the island nation within ...

Sikloon Yasa: Kragtige storm is op pad na Fidji met orkaanstormwinde

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'N Kragtige storm val op Fidji, orkaan-winde na die Stille Oseaan-eiland te bring. Die tropiese sikloon Yasa het in die verlede vinnig versterk 24 ure vanaf 'n kategorie 1 storm op die Saffir-S ...

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