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Kanye West brings out Marilyn Manson, DaBaby at ‘Donda’ gebeurtenis, stirring controversy

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Donderdagaand, the rapper brought out Marilyn Manson, who has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, along with fellow rapper DaBaby, also embroiled in controversy. The trio – West wore a black face co...

Kanye West’s latest listening event featured Marilyn Manson, DaBaby, and Kim in a wedding dress

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Kanye West's latest "DONDA" listening party featured him leaving the stage hand in hand with Kim Kardashian West in a wedding dress. West appeared at Chicago's Soldier Field for his third listening party, waar hy ...

DaBaby deletes Instagram apology for homophobic rant at recent concert

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Only six days after taking to Instagram to apologize for the homophobic remarks he made at the Rolling Loud music festival, DaBaby has deleted his mea culpa from his page. Social media users noticed Sunday that the l...

Lil Nas X’s defiant pride is essential to hip-hopand the DaBaby debacle is one reason why

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Lil Nas X, the 22-year-old juggernaut known by most for "Old Town Road," is in prison. He's in the shower, naked -- save for some humble pixelation -- and twerking, surrounded by eight male backup dancers. And he se...

Miley Cyrus offers to educate DaBaby amid scandal, rails against ‘cancel culturein social media post

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While on stage at a Miami-area concert, the Grammy-nominated rapper used crude language and asked attendees who weren’t gay men or people not affected by HIV or AIDS to raise their cellphone flashlights. He then inco...

Rapper DaBaby apologizes for inflammatory comments

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Rapper DaBaby has apologized for the false and disparaging comments he made about gay men and HIV during a performance at a Miami music festival. The move comes days after his comments were largely condemned by pro...

Dababy het ure voor optrede by Lollapalooza gaan inloer na aanleiding van homofobiese opmerkings

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Die Grammy-genomineerde kunstenaar, wie se regte naam Jonathan Kirk is, was geskeduleer as 'n afsluiting op die laaste aand van die vier dae lange musiekfees in die middestad van Chicago. Egter, Lollapalooza-organiseerders het Sunda getwiet..

DaBaby defends homophobic comments amid backlash

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DaBaby has addressed his recent controversial comments at the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami. The rapper was criticized after video of his Sunday night performance began circulating on social media. During the...

Rapper DaBaby werk saam met 'n kiesersveldtog om gratis ritte aan die stembusse te bied

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Grammy-genomineerde rapper DaBaby werk saam met die # NoCap2020-veldtog om kiesers regoor Noord-Carolina na die stembus te bring. Sy inisiatief, STEM BABA STEM, 'n landwye bustoer ingesluit, sosiale media-program, en ...