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Inhofe tells EPA nominee, ‘if you don’t behave, I’m going to talk to your daddy

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Republikeinse sen. Jim Inhofe told a female Environmental Protection Agency nominee on Wednesday that if she did not "behave," dan "I'm going to talk to your daddy." The awkward exchange was during Radhika Fox's confi...

‘Call Her Daddyhost Alex Cooper and friends kicked out of Hamptons bar

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The sex-positive show’s host says she and some pals were kicked out of hotspot Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk this weekend for not having wristbands. "I got kicked out of the bar," Cooper said on the most recent episode of...

‘Call Her Daddyhost Alex Cooper all smiles in NYC after being kicked out of Hampton’s bar

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Cooper, 26, who recently landed a $ 60 million deal with Spotify, admitted she was asked to leave a Hampton's bar over the weekend. "I got kicked out of the bar," Cooper shared on her podcast. "I am f---ing pissed a...

Megan Fox says viral naked dress was boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly’s idea: ‘Whatever you say, daddy

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Die "Jennifer’s Body" aktrise, 35, spoke with Entertainment Tonight ahead of the awards show on Sunday and revealed that it was actually her boyfriend, musician and actor Machine Gun Kelly, 31, who suggested she arri...