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Hiland Dairy recalls batch of chocolate milk, saying it may contain food-grade sanitizers

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A batch of chocolate milk has been recalled after it was discovered that some could contain food-grade sanitizers. Hiland Dairy is recalling half-pint, 1% low fat, chocolate milk, sold in small cartons, produced in ...

Oor 900 cars paid for each other’s meals at a Dairy Queen drive-through in Minnesota

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What started as a random act of kindness from one man paying for the car behind him in a Dairy Queen drive-through resulted in over 900 cars also taking part in the pay it forward chain. There's no question about it...

EU lawmakers vote for ‘veggie burgers,’ take hard line on dairy labels

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Restaurants and shops in the European Union should be allowed to label products as "veggie burgers" of "vegan sausages," the European Parliament said on Friday, while calling for tighter curbs on labelling of plant-...

Top milk supplier Fonterra is selling its dairy farms in China

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Hongkong (CNN Besigheid)Fonterra, the world's biggest dairy business, is selling its farms in China as it retreats from global expansion. The New Zealand-based company announced Monday that it is selling its Chinese...