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Beach ball-sized jellyfish capable of damaging boats spotted in South Carolina

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Wildlife officials in South Carolina are asking boaters to keep their eyes peeled for an invasive species of jellyfish that can grow to beach ball size and are big enough to damage boats and fishing equipment. The S...

Representante demócrata. Ron Kind to retire, damaging Democratic hopes of controlling House in 2022

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Kind, who represents Wisconsin's 3rd congressional district, will retire at the end of his term according to top Democratic lawmakers, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who addressed the reports of his retirement ...

Lara Trump: Truth about Hunter Biden’s artwork could be ‘very damagingto Biden presidency

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FORMER OBAMA ETHICS OFFICIAL SLAMS BIDEN WHITE HOUSE FOR AVOIDING QUESTIONS ON HUNTER BIDEN'S ARTWORK LARA TRUMP: The more condescending and dismissive Jen Psaki is with her response to a reporter's question, it's pr...

Japan has so few women politicians that when even one is gaffe-prone, it’s damaging

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Tokyo Laast month, Japanese lawmaker Mio Sugita caused outrage on social media when she said that some women lie about sexual assaults. "Women can tell as many lies as they want," Sugita was reported to have said at...

Pavos reales chillando deambulan por las calles del condado de Los Ángeles, vehículos dañinos. Ahora los funcionarios quieren prohibir que los residentes los alimenten

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Por mas de un siglo, Estos pájaros de colores brillantes han vagado por las calles del condado de Los Ángeles.. Pero después de los informes de pavos reales que causan noches de insomnio y daños a la propiedad, la Junta de Supervisión del Condado de Los Ángeles ...

Military plane crashes into Texas neighborhood, ejecting crew and damaging multiple homes

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The crash happened between the 4000 blocks of Tejas and Dakota in Lake Worth Texas, sobre 10 miles northwest of Fort Worth. Police said two to six homes have been damaged. No further details were released. Examen...

Critics slam Fairfax, Virginia schools over anti-police video directed at 2nd graders: ‘Damaging children

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An elementary school in Falls Church, Virginia., has since removed the curriculum, which at one point depicts a young narrator claiming "I feel safe where there are no police." The Fairfax County Public School District lat...

Más lluvia cayó en Lake Charles, Luisiana, el lunes que durante los dos huracanes dañinos del año pasado

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Lluvias torrenciales cayeron en partes del sureste de Texas y el suroeste de Louisiana el lunes, lo que provocó peligrosas inundaciones repentinas en toda la región.. Granizo del tamaño de una pelota de béisbol amenaza a Texas nuevamente como riesgo de inundación..

La crisis climática está dañando irrevocablemente el arte rupestre más antiguo del mundo

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Las huellas de las manos en el techo de una cueva de Indonesia se encuentran entre las más antiguas conocidas por los arqueólogos y se remontan a 39,000 años. Estarcido con pigmentos rojos, los dibujos hacen los humanos ancestrales que colocaban su palma ...

Texas rancher says smugglers damaging property: ‘Things are worse than ever’ en la frontera

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TEXAS RANCHER SOUNDS ALARM ON MIGRANT SURGE: SMUGGLERS 'DRIVING RIGHT THROUGH FENCES' ONTO PROPERTY WHIT JONES: I can promise you things are worse than they ever have been down here. Es un hecho. Anyway yes, fueron ...

Plane crashes in California neighborhood near high school, damaging homes

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The crash happened just after noon near Santana High School. At least two homes were damaged, the county sheriff’s office told Fox News.

Virtual school can be damaging to children’s mental health, CDC study says

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Virtual instruction may pose more risks to the mental health and wellness of children and parents than in-person learning, according to a study published Thursday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

Space junk hit the International Space Station, damaging a robotic arm

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A robotic arm located outside of the International Space Station has been hit by orbital debris, but it's still functioning. The impact to Canadarm2, first noticed by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency during a rou...

Witnesses say R. Kelly directed them to write false and damaging letters

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People who were once in R. Kelly's orbit -- including former romantic partners and employees -- testified during the first few weeks of the singer's trial about his repeated demands that they write letters to give t...

Fatigar: This is the single-most damaging thing any American president has ever done

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Without even pausing, the Biden administration declared total economic war on a sovereign country. No American had been killed. The United States had not been invaded or attacked and yet, with no meaningful public de...

Biden keeps insulting reporters – and damaging himself in the process

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It comes with the territory, along with threats to sue if you publish a controversial story. But usually it happens away from the cameras. NOSOTROS. President Joe Biden holds a formal news conference in the Eas...

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