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Abortion is legal in Namibia, but only if a woman is in danger or has been sexually abused. Activists are demanding reform

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What do you do when your country is torn between decriminalizing abortion and maintaining its colonial abortion laws? Start a debate. That's the idea being put forward by Esther Muinjangue, Namibia's deputy minister...

Byron Donalds: People don’t call ‘activists or politicians’ when in danger, they call the police

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"I got a text from my mom this morning. She still lives in Brooklyn, ニューヨーク. こんにちは, ママ. And she said point-blank, 息子, you were right last summer: Defunding the police is only going to hurt the inner city. It's only ...

Obama reflects on 20th anniversary of 9/11: American heroes ‘run towards danger in order to do what is right

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ワシントン, DC Former President Barack Obama on Saturday reflected on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 テロ攻撃, paying tribute to the thousands of Americans who died that day and reenforcing his com...

Thousands of people in California had their power shut off amid wildfire danger

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Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner may be a challenge for the more than 3,100 Southern California families who have just lost power due to the wildfire threat sweeping across the region. Strong Santa Ana winds, combine...

Biden WH seeks to extradite Marine vet in danger of being executed by North Korea, supporters warn

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"Christopher Ahn is in danger of being assassinated in broad daylight for the world to see, to make the point that North Korea will indeed go to the ends of the earth to kill a priority target like Christopher Ahn," ...

He was lucky to escape Afghanistan, but many of his relatives, friends and other Afghan allies were left behind, in danger and pleading to be evacuated

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After a perilous 14-hour drive from Kandahar, Afghanistan's second-largest city, to the capital of Kabul, a flight to Qatar, another to Washington, DC, and a week in Fort Lee, バージニア, AA and his family finally mad...

Severe fire danger for Australia as temperatures smash records

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Parts of Australia, including Sydney, sweltered through the hottest November night on record with temperatures likely to stay high on Sunday -- prompting authorities to issue a total fire ban. In Sydney, temperature...


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ミエンジェルゲインズが最後に見られた 2:50 午前. 目の前のベビーカーで 2433 ハーレムのフレデリック・ダグラス大通りが父親に連れて行かれたとき, アントニオ・アームストロング, ニューヨーク市警は言った. M ...

Tropical Depression Nicholas will bring flood threats as wildfire danger continues throughout US West

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TROPICAL STORM NICHOLAS IMPACTS GULF COAST STATES, ANOTHER DISTURBANCE BEING MONITORED Flood watches and warnings remain in effect from far southeastern Texas through Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. ...

トランプはペンスにクーデターを設計するよう圧力をかけた, その後、VPを危険にさらします, ソースは言う

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Philippines raises Taal volcano danger level as thousands evacuate

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Authorities in the Philippines started evacuating thousands of people on Thursday after raising the alert status on a restive volcano that spewed a 1-kilometer (0.62-mile) high plume of gas and steam. The alert for t...

タッカーカールソン: マークミリーは国にとって危険です, 議会は気にしていないようです

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今, ボブ・ウッドワードとロバート・コスタによる新しい本に感謝します, ミリーが私たちの最大の軍事ライバルと密かに協力していることを学びました, 中国政府. 昨年10月30日, 本によると,...


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ハワイのマウイ島にあるダムが故障の危機に瀕しており、住民に避難命令が出されました "俳句のカウパカルアダムの下流," according to the Hawaii Emergency Management Agenc...


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ハニティは、レビンの本の中で、マルクス主義は異なる名前で進んでいるが、同じイデオロギー的見解を持っていることを認識しているとコメントした。. "それは多くの名前で行きます. ええと, 民主社会主義, 新しいグリーンディール主義, 収集する。.

Cold front brings storms to Midwest as wildfire danger continues in West

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NICHOLAS BRINGS FLOODING TO GULF COAST STATES STILL RECOVERING FROM HURRICANE IDA A cold front moving into the upper Midwest will spread scattered, strong storms across the region. Forecast radar for the ...


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下院議長のナンシーペロシが1月を調査する超党派委員会を創設することを推進 6 下院民主党員が彼ら自身のスイープインを実施するために彼らの委員会に頼るので、米国議会議事堂への攻撃は危険にさらされています。.

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