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Biden WH seeks to extradite Marine vet in danger of being executed by North Korea, supporters warn

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"Christopher Ahn is in danger of being assassinated in broad daylight for the world to see, to make the point that North Korea will indeed go to the ends of the earth to kill a priority target like Christopher Ahn," ...


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ミエンジェルゲインズが最後に見られた 2:50 午前. 目の前のベビーカーで 2433 ハーレムのフレデリック・ダグラス大通りが父親に連れて行かれたとき, アントニオ・アームストロング, ニューヨーク市警は言った. M ...

Philippines raises Taal volcano danger level as thousands evacuate

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Authorities in the Philippines started evacuating thousands of people on Thursday after raising the alert status on a restive volcano that spewed a 1-kilometer (0.62-mile) high plume of gas and steam. The alert for t...


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ハニティは、レビンの本の中で、マルクス主義は異なる名前で進んでいるが、同じイデオロギー的見解を持っていることを認識しているとコメントした。. "それは多くの名前で行きます. ええと, 民主社会主義, 新しいグリーンディール主義, 収集する。.

Rip currents and other surf conditions can pose danger at lakes, あまりにも

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Summer is here and millions of people are flocking to beaches all across the country. But even on a seemingly beautiful weather day, a hidden danger can lie just under the surface: rip currents, high surf or sneaker...

グレッグ・ガットフェルド: Our government created an artificial danger to keep us divided

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A Florida man has been sentenced to eight months in jail for breaching the Senate chamber on Jan. 6 carrying a Trump flag. The only surprise: he didn't get life without parole. 今, we're not liberals. わかった. Yo...

グレッグ・ガットフェルド: 警察の改革’ 人々の命を危険にさらす, しないふりをして

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ワシントン州出身の男性, 黄色いドレスだけを着ています, バスを盗み、追跡で警官から逃げ出した結果、彼は元妻の家をフロントエンドローダーで耕しました。. 39-1歳のアンドリュー・ルーデンはちょうどgを持っていました。.

アフガニスタンの通訳は同胞が危険にさらされていると警告します: 「彼らを置き去りにしないでください’

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FoxNewsはMoneerの名のみを使用しています. 何年もの間、彼は米国からビザを取得しようとしました. しかし失敗しました, 彼は言った; イギリス軍と一緒にNATO軍との彼の奉仕は彼にviを得る機会を与えました。.

手形’ Isaiah McKenzie fined nearly $15K over mask violations, accused of putting people in danger

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"They got me!" he wrote in a tweet. "@NFL you win!" The letter showed that McKenzie is not fully vaccinated to protect himself against the coronavirus and detailed all the times the wide receiver didn’t wear his mask...


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木曜日に公開された作品で, ぶっきらぼうにタイトルを付けた "ジョー・マンチンはバイデンの大統領職を致命的な危険にさらしました," Chaitは、ウォールストリートジャーナルで穏健な民主党の論説を非難した。 $ 3.5 兆インフラスト...

Obama reflects on 20th anniversary of 9/11: American heroes ‘run towards danger in order to do what is right

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ワシントン, DC Former President Barack Obama on Saturday reflected on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 テロ攻撃, paying tribute to the thousands of Americans who died that day and reenforcing his com...

He was lucky to escape Afghanistan, but many of his relatives, friends and other Afghan allies were left behind, in danger and pleading to be evacuated

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After a perilous 14-hour drive from Kandahar, Afghanistan's second-largest city, to the capital of Kabul, a flight to Qatar, another to Washington, DC, and a week in Fort Lee, バージニア, AA and his family finally mad...

Tropical Depression Nicholas will bring flood threats as wildfire danger continues throughout US West

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TROPICAL STORM NICHOLAS IMPACTS GULF COAST STATES, ANOTHER DISTURBANCE BEING MONITORED Flood watches and warnings remain in effect from far southeastern Texas through Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. ...

タッカーカールソン: マークミリーは国にとって危険です, 議会は気にしていないようです

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今, ボブ・ウッドワードとロバート・コスタによる新しい本に感謝します, ミリーが私たちの最大の軍事ライバルと密かに協力していることを学びました, 中国政府. 昨年10月30日, 本によると,...

Cold front brings storms to Midwest as wildfire danger continues in West

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NICHOLAS BRINGS FLOODING TO GULF COAST STATES STILL RECOVERING FROM HURRICANE IDA A cold front moving into the upper Midwest will spread scattered, strong storms across the region. Forecast radar for the ...

Volcano eruption: Danger not over for Spanish island residents, authorities warn

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Villagers on the island of La Palma – part of the Canary Islands archipelago – were met with a wall of lava up to 40 feet high on Wednesday following Sunday afternoon's eruption. SPAIN'S LA PALMA ISLAND SHAKEN BY EA...