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Gingrich: ‘Very dangerous timewith police being vilified, especially for minorities

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Gingrich told host Sean Hannity that such danger is especially true in minority communities, where statistically there has been the most exponential increase in violent crime rates as police are either prevented from...

Scalise blasts Biden’s border policies, calling them ‘dangerous for kids

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REP. STEVE SKAAL: …if you talk to anybody on the ground, I've talked to a lot of people that have been on the ground, it is beyond a disaster. What they've done not only to these border towns, the mayors, you hear ...

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt says dangerous criminals walking free thanks to ‘horribly wrong’ Hooggeregshofuitspraak

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Laas jaar, the Supreme Court ruled in the case McGirt v. Oklahoma that a sizable portion of eastern Oklahoma was under the jurisdiction of Native American Tribes, and not the state government, because Congress never ...

Biden’s energy policy ‘sends a very dangerous message’ to Texas: George P. Bush

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"I’ve been privileged to serve as land commissioner for the last six years, but we need new leadership in this high state-wide executive role," Bush gesê. The son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush also noted that he t...

Trudeau warns of a dangerous third wave as Canada copes with a vaccine ‘drought

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Ottawa Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned Canadians that public health measures, including restrictions on indoor social gatherings, would have to continue for weeks to comes as new Covid-19 variants, and a slow va...

Horse tranquilizer is hitting the US as a dangerous street drug

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A new and dangerous street drug is emerging in the US. It's called xylazine, though it's better known by its street name, "tranq". It's a non-opioid sedative used in veterinary medicine, typically with horses. En ...

Hotel sustains significant damage after a ‘large and extremely dangerous tornadorips through Birmingham area

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A tornado described as "large and extremely dangerous" by the National Weather Service (NWS) in Birmingham, Alabama, ripped through a hotel late Monday night. Video from CNN affiliate WVTM shows that the Hampton In...

Dit het 'n gewelddadige opstand nodig om Republikeine te besef dat Donald Trump gevaarlik was?

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Woensdag begin met 'n groep groep Republikeine van die Huis en die Senaat wat hulle voorberei om beswaar te maak teen die uitslag van die verkiesingskollege om hul volkome betroubaarheid te demonstreer.. Dit het geëindig met baie van dieselfde Republikeine wat teruggetrek het ...

46 notules wat bewys hoe gevaarlik Donald Trump vir demokrasie is

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Daar was die afgelope vier jaar baie lae oomblikke vir demokrasie, maar niemand wat heeltemal so laag bereik het as wat Woensdagmiddag gebeur het nie: Die vrylating van 'n 46 minute durf deur die president van die Verenigde State..

The UN removes cannabis from a list of the most dangerous substances

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A United Nations commission has voted to remove cannabis from a list that categorized it as one of the most dangerous drugs -- a move that recognizes the plant as having medicinal value. The UN Commission on Narcoti...

Hierdie grafiek wys waarom Trump * so * gevaarlik is vir die GOP

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Wen of verloor oor agt dae, President Donald Trump se blywende nalatenskap op die Republikeinse Party sal 'n krimpende basis wees wat al hoe minder soos die land lyk. Die aantal stemgeregtigde ouderdom blanke Amerikaners sonder ...

Biden says United States is in a ‘dangerous placeand calls for unity in Gettysburg speech

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden warned of the "cost of division" Tuesday in a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, delivering a call to turn past a moment he said is "neither good nor normal" and unify. In ...

Michiganders urged to stay indoors as officials race to stop the spread of a dangerous mosquito-borne disease

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Not only are Michigan health officials dealing with the coronavirus, but they're also trying to contain the spread of a rare mosquito-borne disease. Authorities are urging people to stay indoors after dark and prote...

Another journalist found dead in Mexico, one of the most dangerous countries for reporters

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Another journalist was found dead in Mexico this week -- the fifth this year in the country's somber record of attacks against the press. Veteran reporter Julio Valdivia was found Wednesday afternoon in Mexico's co...

‘Gevaarlik’ and ‘unfit’: Trump’s former national security advisers say he has ‘no moral compassin new Woodward book

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Washington President Donald Trump's former top Cabinet officials are among his harshest critics in journalist Bob Woodard's new book "Rage," providing some of the most brutal assessments of the commander in chief to ...