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Seattle parent blasts school board for ‘not admitting’ homeless camp is ‘dangerous’

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Goodrich claimed the people residing at the homeless encampment are carrying guns to "shoot rats that are on the property," and expressed there are multiple illegal activities that are allegedly occurring near school...

Trump avanza peligrosa campaña de desinformación a medida que más estados se mueven para restringir el voto

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El discurso de Donald Trump ante el Partido Republicano de Carolina del Norte el sábado por la noche fue un recordatorio del peligro que representa el expresidente mientras socava el sistema electoral de Estados Unidos mientras intenta reafirmarse..

Golden KnightsRyan Reaves under fire for dangerous hit on Avalanche player

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Reaves was hit with two penalties and a match penalty for roughing and injuring Avalanche defenseman Ryan Graves in the third period of Colorado’s blowout win. Reaves punched Graves in the back of the head, threw him...

Líder católico le dice a Tucker Carlson que el activismo político es "importante", llama a la pertenencia a un partido "peligrosa’

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"En algunas formas, Creo que es muy importante estar involucrado en política.. Creo que es importante que los laicos de la iglesia sean activistas en política.," Chaput le dijo al presentador Tucker Carlson en su programa Fox Nation. "I ...

This is how dangerous right-wing media *actually* is

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One of the many noxious developments of Donald Trump's presidency was the rise of several cable TV outlets that aimed to out-Fox Fox News. Como en, Fox News wasn't Trump-y enough, so more pro-Trump alternatives were ...

Study seeks origins of Hawaii’s dangerous ghost nets

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Lost or discarded at sea, sometimes decades ago, this fishing gear continues to wreak havoc on marine life and coral reefs in Hawaii. Ahora, researchers are doing detective work to trace this harmful debris back to fis...

Brian Mast slams ‘wokeness,’ says it would be the ‘most dangerousthing for our military

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TWITTER EXPLODES OVER RUSSIAN ARMY RECRUITMENT AD PARED TO 'WOKE' US VERSION: 'WE ARE DOOMED' BRiAN MAST: The most dangerous thing for our military is wokeness. Up to this point, that hasn't been the place that the m...

Tucker Carlson: Coronavirus was enhanced during ‘reckless, ghoulish, very dangerous experiments

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Finding out was more than a matter of simple curiosity. It was an urgent public health imperative. If you want to prevent the next disaster, you have to determine how the current one happened. That’s why we have an N...

Avalanche’s Nazem Kadri to have hearing after ‘dangeroushit on BluesJustin Faulk

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Kadri, 30, will have a video hearing Thursday to determine what disciplinary measures will be taken. He is most likely facing a suspension, although for how many games remains unclear. BLUES REPORT TESTING VIRUS ISS...

Will Cain: Ben Crump es "el hombre más peligroso de América’

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CAÍN: Ben Crump es el hombre más peligroso de América. Lo más probable es que estés familiarizado con su nombre. Lo has visto con un micrófono después de casi todas las tragedias de alto perfil relacionadas con la carrera.: Arroz Tamir, Ahmaud Arbery, Jorge...

Former aide to Rep. Doug Lamborn alleges ‘reckless and dangerousapproach to Covid-19 in office

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A former aide for GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn is alleging in a lawsuit filed Thursday he was fired for being outspoken against the Colorado congressman for his "reckless and dangerous" approach in his congressional office...

Victor Davis Hanson warns Joe Biden: “Very dangerous” to provoke Vladimir Putin and not deter him

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HANSON: It's a very dangerous thing to provoke Vladimir Putin unless you deter him. We’ve talked tough and carried a twig, and these Russian associated hackers know that. They're not afraid of attacking the United St...

Liz Cheney rips ‘dangerousTrump for ‘perpetuating lies’: ‘We do not swear allegiance to any individual

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She also responded to criticisms from Republicans like Texas State Land Commissioner George P. Bush – the nephew of the namesake former president and son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – who criticized her ahead of ...

Brian Kilmeade on the ground with police officers to dispel myths about ‘the most dangerous job

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Kilmeade joined Officer Thomas Greer for a ride-along in the Long Island county, allowing viewers to witness to the unpredictability of every traffic stop. Greer pointed out that, contrary to critics of law enforceme...

China’s loosely regulated rocket debris could be dangerousand harmful to US industry

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The craft launched just over a week ago carrying components for China’s upcoming Tianhe space station. Its first stage rocket, for undisclosed reasons, traveled too far up, resulting in an unpredictable, unrestrained...

La policía de Carolina del Sur busca a personas "armadas y peligrosas"’ sospechoso tras incidente de tirador activo

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El Departamento de Policía del condado de Horry dijo que ocurrió un incidente de violencia doméstica en una casa justo antes 12:15 pm. y que los disparos los hizo Terry Brady. Fue visto por última vez cerca de EE. UU.. Carretera 544 y Myrtle Ridge Road ou ...

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