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Tom Cruise fue visto colgando del ala de un avión mientras filmaba 'Mission: Imposible 8’

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Crucero, 59, salió de la cabina de un 1941 Biplano Boeing B75N1 Stearman en 2,000 pies y se sentó en el ala. Luego se colgó boca abajo del ala. Mientras Cruise colgaba boca abajo, el avión se volteó hacia arriba..

Rescuers save dangling BASE jumper after he slammed into a cliff and his parachute got stuck on a rock

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First responders in Alberta, Canadá, made a daring rescue over the weekend after a BASE jumper slammed into a cliff face and was left dangling after his parachute got caught on a small bit of rock. Two men with p...

Man falls to death after dangling from hot air balloon in Israel

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A man dangling from the basket of a hot air balloon fell to his death onto a road in Israel on Tuesday, la policía dijo. It was not immediately clear why he was holding onto the basket as it took off, ellos dijeron. Israeli...

Miami fans rescue dangling cat in heart-wrenching moment

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Video from fans at the stadium showed the cat dangling from the side of a balcony in the corner of one of the end zone. The cat then let go and drops down to fans holding an American flag below. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA MÁS S ...

UFC 263: Ref Al Guinee ripped for not noticing Jamahal Hill’s dangling arm

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Hill was still allowed by local Arizona referee Al Guinee to take punishment from Craig as his arm gruesomely dangled before the bout was finally stopped. Guinee received criticism afterward for taking too long to st...

Paracaidista queda atrapado en cables eléctricos, dejado colgando 30 pies en el aire durante más de una hora

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Un aparente paracaidista terminó atrapado en una situación peligrosa cuando su paracaídas quedó atrapado en las líneas eléctricas de un vecindario de California.. Si bien, según los informes, el individuo sufrió heridas leves, rescate...

Bus is dangling from New York overpass after accident that left at least seven people injured

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At least seven people, including the bus driver, were injured after a bus crashed through a overpass barrier in New York City's Bronx area, según el Departamento de Policía de Nueva York. The tandem bus is now danglin...