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Daniel Hernandez, former Gabby Giffords intern who helped save her life, is running for Congress

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Washington The intern who helped save former US Rep. Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords in the minutes after she was critically wounded in a 2011 shooting is running to represent her old Arizona district in Congress. Arizona...

UFC legend Daniel Cormier will fight Jake Paul on this condition

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Cormier, who was a broadcaster for UFC 261, was seen getting into a bit of a tiff with Paul during the event. Paul was fresh off a victory over former MMA fighter Ben Askren to move to 3-0 in his professional boxing ...

Daniel Kaluuya mentioned his mom’s sex life in his Oscars speech. She was not impressed

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For centuries, parents have been the uncontested masters of embarrassment, but at Sunday night's Academy Awards, Daniel Kaluuya struck a blow for the younger generation, making his mother squirm. The 32-year-old B...

Oscar-winner Daniel Kaluuya jokes about parents’ sex life during speech: Mom is ‘not going to be very happy’

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"I'd like to thank my mom. Thank you so much for pouring into me. You gave me everything, you gave me your factory settings so I could stand at my fullest height," Kaluuya quipped at the beginning of his speech which...

Daniel Krauthammer on late father Charles: He felt ‘it was the Democratic Party that left him

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Krauthammer told host Bret Baier that even though Mondale and his father "parted ways politically" they always remained deeply "affectionate and respectful of one another." "I went back to read part of my father's bo...

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis (destra.): Afghanistan – 20 years is enough, Biden right to plan firm end to war

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"I am the fourth American president to preside over an American troop presence in Afghanistan," Biden ha detto, e dichiarato "I will not pass this responsibility to a fifth." That decision is a logical, realistic recogni...

Lakeith Stanfield and Daniel Kaluuya both being nominated for supporting actor Oscar is confusing

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The best supporting actor category for the Oscars is diverse this year, but also has some people scratching their heads. That's because the two stars of "Giuda e il Messia nero," Lakeith Stanfield and Daniel K...

Daniel Kaluuya and more react to their Oscar nominations

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The Oscar nominations were announced Monday morning and some history was made. Not only did women account for a record-breaking 76 candidature, but two women were nominated in the best director category for the firs...

Il sindaco di Rochester e gli alti funzionari "soppressi’ informazioni sulla morte di Daniel Prude, dice un rapporto indipendente

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Un'indagine indipendente commissionata dalla Rochester, New York, Il consiglio comunale ha rilevato che quattro funzionari chiave della città -- compreso il sindaco Lovely Warren -- informazioni soppresse sulla morte di Daniel Prude,...

La giuria vota per non incriminare gli agenti di polizia a Rochester per la morte di Daniel Prude

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Un gran giurì ha votato per non incriminare alcun ufficiale per la morte di Daniel Prude, un uomo di colore morto dopo che la polizia lo aveva inchiodato a terra a marzo, Lo ha detto martedì il procuratore generale di New York Leticia James. "Daniel Prude wa ...

Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield reunite for ‘Judas and the Black Messiah

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There was a moment filming "Giuda e il Messia nero" that star Daniel Kaluuya will not forget. In the scene, Kaluuya as Black Panther leader Fred Hampton delivers his famous "I am a revolutionary" discorso. "Suo ...

Slain FBI agent Daniel Alfin leaves a legacy of ‘passion, dedication, and principle

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FBI Special Agent Daniel Alfin will be remembered for the lives he changed and for "all the children who are safe today, and have a chance at a better life," because of what he did to protect them, FBI Director Chri...

Il capo della polizia licenziato di Rochester dice di non aver visto nulla di "egregio"’ in cam video della morte di Daniel Prude

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L'ex capo della polizia di Rochester, New York ha detto venerdì di non aver visto niente "egregio" o qualsiasi condotta criminale da parte degli agenti di polizia quando ha guardato per la prima volta il video dell'incidente che ha portato alla dia.

Pakistani court orders release of men previously convicted in Daniel Pearl murder

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Islamabad A Pakistani court on Thursday ordered the immediate release of four men accused of kidnapping and murdering American journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002, saying their detention was "illegal." The four men, w ...

Washington Football Team settled sexual misconduct claim against owner Daniel Snyder in 2009, per report

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The NFL's Washington Football Team paid $ 1.6 million to a former employee in 2009 to settle a sexual misconduct claim she made against team majority owner Daniel Snyder, according to a report from the Washington P...

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones tackled by the turf after 80-yard run

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Having left all opposing 11 defenders in his wake, sprinted 80 yards and with just the open field between him and a touchdown, Daniel Jones must have already been thinking of his celebration. But not watching out f...