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‘I Know What You Did Last Summerand ‘Day of the Deadstretch movie horror into series

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For anyone who watched "I Know What You Did Last Summer" of "Night of the Living Dead" and thought, "I wish that movie was four times longer," Amazon and Syfy have series for you, because it's that time of year for ...

Jason Aldean’s wife says they are thanked ‘multiple times per dayfor speaking out politically

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Brittany Aldean is not one to shy away from sharing her political opinions online, often sparking debate with those who disagree with her, but also praise from those who do. Dinsdagaand, she once again took to...

UNC Chapel Hill to cancel classes Tuesday for a ‘Wellness Dayafter suicide investigations

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The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill announced Sunday, World Mental Health Day, it is canceling classes Tuesday to observe what it called a "Wellness Day." In a message posted from Chancellor Kevin M. Guskie...

Falcons give Smith first win, beat Giants on Eli’s day.

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It marked the second straight week the Giants (0-3) lost on the final play of the game. Matt Ryan hit passes of 28 yards to Cordarrelle Patterson and 25 to rookie tight end Kyle Pitts on the game-winning drive. ...

Model Elizabeth Pipko on fending off political labels, kanselleer kultuur: ‘I’m going to fight that every day

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By the age of 26, Pipko’s name and face have captivated two entirely different audiences: the ones who enjoy pouring over fashion spreads, and those who have their noses buried in the headlines about today’s politica...

Vandag is Internasionale Geletterdheidsdag. Hier is die belangrikste feite wat u moet weet

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Die behoefte aan 'n geletterde wêreld is belangriker as ooit. In vandag se vinnige digitale landskap, die betekenis van geletterdheid het verder ontwikkel as lees en skryf. Geletterdheid raak nou alle vorme van kommunikasie en ...

Ron Perlman vra Joe Biden om 'elke laaste' te begelei’ Afganistan na die lughawe om die land te verlaat: 'Red die dag’

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Op Dinsdag, die 71-jarige akteur het na Twitter gegaan om 'n videoboodskap te deel waarin hy die president direk toegespreek het, wat hy syne genoem het "vriend." "Ek het die hele nag rondgedraai en dit baie gegee ...

Border Patrol union official warns COVID-positive migrants being released into US ‘day in, day out’

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"Not everyone we encounter we test, only those that exhibit some type of symptoms and not everybody has symptoms that has it," Chris Cabrera, a vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, said Saturday on "...

Ashton and Mila say we don’t need to bathe every day. Here’s what experts say

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis made a splash -- or rather, they don't make splashes too frequently -- when they said they don't bathe themselves or their children too often. Daily showering, especially in the United...

Virus surge fears, UK leader’s quarantine, mar ‘Freedom Day

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For clubbers and nightclub owners, the moment lived up to its media-given moniker, "Freedom Day." But the big step out of lockdown was met with nervousness by many Britons and concern from scientists, who say the U.K...

Restaurant closes for ‘day of kindnessafter customers disrespect staff

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The owners of Brewster-based Apt Cape Cod decided to shut down for a "day of kindness" after a slew of customers apparently mistreated its staff, cursed and demanded take orders before the restaurant even opened for ...

Biden poseer met roomyshorinkie op ‘nasionale roomysdag’

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Die president het die foto op Twitter geplaas met die onderskrif "Gelukkige Nasionale Roomysdag, mense." CRUZ BESKULDIG BID OM 'IN BED' TE WEES MET GROOTTEKNIE TE MIDDELSTOF VIR MISINFORMASIE Biden het dit duidelik gemaak ...

Activist in AOC’s district blasts ‘defund the police’ beweging: ‘There are shootings every day

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Melody Jimenez, the Bronx-raised founder of the activist group No Voice Unheard, lambasted the left-wing push to defund the police and said unity between police officers and the communities they serve is the only tru...

After clashing over ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Dag,’ a New Jersey school district is adding holiday names back to its school calendar

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A New Jersey school board has voted to overturn a decision that took all holiday names off the district calendar, following conflict over an earlier decision to refer to Columbus Day as "Indigenous Peoples' Day." Th ...

Junie 20 is Wêreldvlugtelingsdag. Hier is maniere waarop u ondersteuning kan toon

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Elke jaar op Junie 20, Wêreldvlugtelingedag stel die dapperheid en krag van mense wat gedwing word om uit hul tuislande te vlug om oorlog of onderdrukking vry te spring. Meer as 82 miljoen mense word nou met geweld verplaas..

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Peter Phillips finalizes split from wife Autumn: ‘This is a sad day

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Phillips, 43, and Autumn, 42, put out a statement on Monday calling the financial resolution a "sad day" but vowed to prioritize the needs of their daughters. "Whilst this is a sad day for Peter and Autumn, they cont...

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