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Joy Behar says Biden went too soft with gun control agenda, pleads with Democrats to ‘seize the day

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"Nothing I'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment," Biden said on Thursday. "These are phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we're talking abou...

It’s not Happy St. Patty’s Day, but St. Paddy’s Day. Ecco perché

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Co. Galway, Ireland Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no vibrant, green parades, group celebrations, or religious coming-togethers for a second year in a row in Ireland today. The country is confined to th...

‘Boss Levelis just an ultra-violent ‘Groundhog Daythat’s unexpectedly fun

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All'inizio, "Boss Level" seems as familiar and derivative as it is unnecessary -- basically just an insanely-violent version of "Groundhog Day," with Frank Grillo caught in a time loop and trying to fight his way out ...

‘Groundhog Day,’ the movie’s final life lessons for our perpetual pandemic

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David G. Allan è il direttore editoriale di CNN Travel, Stile, Scienza e benessere. Questo saggio fa parte di una colonna chiamata The Wisdom Project, a cui puoi iscriverti qui. "What would you do if you were stuck ...

Some say a ‘Day of the DeadBarbie is guilty of cultural appropriation. Its designer says it is celebrating tradition

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Mattel is back with its Día De Muertos Barbie doll and it's once again generating backlash. The doll, the second in Mattel's "La Catrina" collection of Barbies, was designed to celebrate the annual centuries-old Mex...

Il "Giorno dei morti" del Messico’ colpisce troppo vicino a casa durante la pandemia di Covid-19

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Il giorno dei morti in Messico, o il giorno dei morti, è una celebrazione annuale per ricordare e onorare i propri cari che sono morti. Quest'anno ce ne sono troppi per festeggiare come più di 90,000 I messicani sono morti di Covid-19. Mexi ...

A little boy lost his stuffed puppy near a dog spa. So the groomers decided to give the toy a spa day.

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After a 6-year-old in Maine lost his toy dog, one local groomer stepped up to help them reunite. Caitlyn Brundage, who owns Lavish Dog Day Spa, a dog grooming service in Standish, Maine, first learned about Carter's...

Only half of registered voters expect to know result within ‘day or twoof Election Day

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Washington Only half of registered voters in the United States say they expect to know the results of the upcoming presidential election within a "day or two" of Election Day, a new study by the Pew Research Center s...

CNN Correspondent Joe Johns fought off a raccoon seconds before returning to a ‘New Daylive shot

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While there are not really normal days in Washington anymore, CNN Senior Washington Correspondent Joe Johns had a little more excitement added to his day, thanks to a raccoon. Johns said that he and the raccoon hav...