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‘Boss Levelis just an ultra-violent ‘Groundhog Daythat’s unexpectedly fun

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初めに, "Boss Level" seems as familiar and derivative as it is unnecessary -- basically just an insanely-violent version of "Groundhog Day," with Frank Grillo caught in a time loop and trying to fight his way out ...

‘Groundhog Day,’ the movie’s final life lessons for our perpetual pandemic

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David G. Allan is the editorial director for CNN Travel, Style, Science and Wellness. このエッセイは、The WisdomProjectというコラムの一部です。, ここで購読できます. "What would you do if you were stuck ...

'あなたが去年の夏何をしたか知っている’ と「死者の日’ 映画のホラーをシリーズに引き伸ばす

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見た人のために "あなたが去年の夏何をしたか知っている" または "ゾンビの夜" と考えた, "映画が4倍長かったらいいのに," AmazonとSyfyにはあなたのためのシリーズがあります, なぜならそれはその時期だからです ...

A little boy lost his stuffed puppy near a dog spa. So the groomers decided to give the toy a spa day.

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After a 6-year-old in Maine lost his toy dog, one local groomer stepped up to help them reunite. Caitlyn Brundage, who owns Lavish Dog Day Spa, a dog grooming service in Standish, メイン, first learned about Carter's...

AOCの地区の活動家が「警察を払い戻す」’ 移動: 「毎日銃撃があります’

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メロディー・ヒメネス, ブロンクスで育った活動家グループの創設者NoVoice Unheard, 警察を弁護するために左翼のプッシュを非難し、警察官と彼らが仕えるコミュニティの間の団結が唯一の真実であると言いました。.

After clashing over ‘Indigenous PeoplesDay,’ a New Jersey school district is adding holiday names back to its school calendar

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A New Jersey school board has voted to overturn a decision that took all holiday names off the district calendar, following conflict over an earlier decision to refer to Columbus Day as "Indigenous Peoples' Day." Th ...

Ashton and Mila say we don’t need to bathe every day. Here’s what experts say

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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis made a splash -- というより, they don't make splashes too frequently -- when they said they don't bathe themselves or their children too often. Daily showering, especially in the United...

Biden poses with ice cream cone on ‘national ice cream day

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The president posted the picture on Twitter with the caption "Happy National Ice Cream Day, folks." CRUZ ACCUSES BIDEN OF BEING 'IN BED' WITH BIG TECH AMID VACCINE MISINFORMATION CONTROVERSY Biden has made it clear...

ボーダーパトロール組合の関係者は、COVID陽性の移民が米国に解放されると警告しています。, 一日中」

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"私たちが遭遇するすべての人がテストするわけではありません, ある種の症状を示すものだけで、すべての人がそれを持っているわけではありません," クリス・カブレラ, National Border PatrolCouncilの副会長, 土曜日に言った "...

Brother of Steelers star Stephon Tuitt killed by hit-and-run driver in Georgia: ‘See you again one day

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Tuitt, an eight-year veteran, took to social media on Friday to confirm the death of his younger brother, Richard Bartlett III. JIM BEIRNE, FORMER PRO BOWL WIDE RECEIVER FOR OILERS, DEAD AT 74 "You are in heaven l...

CNN Correspondent Joe Johns fought off a raccoon seconds before returning to a ‘New Daylive shot

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While there are not really normal days in Washington anymore, CNN Senior Washington Correspondent Joe Johns had a little more excitement added to his day, thanks to a raccoon. Johns said that he and the raccoon hav...

ファルコンズはスミスに最初の勝利を与える, エリの日にジャイアンツを倒す.

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それはジャイアンツが2週連続でマークした (0-3) ゲームの最後のプレーで負けました. マットライアンのヒットパス 28 コルダレルパターソンまでのヤードと 25 ゲームに勝つドライブでタイトエンドのカイル・ピッツを新人に. ...

ハッピーセントではありません. パティの日, しかし、聖. 水田の日. これが理由です

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Co. ゴールウェイ, Covid-19パンデミックによるアイルランド, 活気はありません, 緑のパレード, グループのお祝い, または今日アイルランドで2年連続で宗教的な集まり. 国はthに限定されています。.

ジェイソンアルディーンの妻は、「1日に何度も感謝されている」と言っています’ 政治的に発言したことに対して

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ブルターニュアルディーンは、彼女の政治的意見をオンラインで共有することを躊躇する人ではありません, 彼女に反対する人々としばしば議論を巻き起こす, だけでなく、する人からの賞賛. 火曜日の夕方, 彼女はもう一度...

Joe Piscopo slams de Blasio over ‘Columbus Day’ removal from school calendar: ‘We’re putting our foot down

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Piscopo’s comments came after the city Department of Education put out a new calendar last week, referring to October 11 – which has historically been "Columbus Day" – as "Indigenous People’s Day." Amid an initial p...

Joy Behar says Biden went too soft with gun control agenda, pleads with Democrats to ‘seize the day

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"Nothing I'm about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment," Biden said on Thursday. "These are phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we're talking abou...

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