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Prins Harry, Prince William spoke for hours after Prince Philip’s funeral, bron eise: ‘It’s early days’

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Maandag, palace sources told The Sun that the siblings were joined by their father Prince Charles at Windsor Castle after the royal family laid the Duke of Edinburgh to rest. Rumors of a royal reconciliation have s...

Trisha Yearwood posts make-up free selfie, opens up about aging: ‘I also have real days’

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Op Dinsdag, the country music icon, 56, posted similar images hours after each other, highlighting the work her make-up artist does to get Yearwood camera-ready. The modest pic shows a fresh-faced Yearwood grinning l...

Kayleigh McEnany blasts CBS News for ‘revealing few days’ amid trio of debacles: ‘Not good’

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Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany took the network to task with a tweet Wednesday that summed up the "revealing few days" for CBS News. CRITICS BLAST '60 MINUTES' FOR 'FALSE NARRATIVE' THAT DESANTIS ENGAGED PUBLIX IN PA...

White House waarsku organisasies het 'uur, nie dae nie’ om kwesbaarhede op te los namate Microsoft Exchange-aanvalle toeneem

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Washington Die Biden-regering het Vrydag gewaarsku dat organisasies enorme risiko's in die gesig staar as gevolg van die Microsoft Exchange-kwesbaarhede wat duisende private organisasies onlangs bekend gemaak het. As attak ...

Many Democrats signal push for swift impeachment trial as short as ‘a matter of days

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With former President Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial increasingly looking like it will end in acquittal, many Democrats are hoping for a swift trial as short as "a matter of days" -- and are ready to move o...

Two Black men have been executed within two days. Two more are set to die before Biden’s inauguration

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Anger over federal executions continued to grow Friday after two Black men died by lethal injection within nearly 24 ure. Alfred Bourgeois was executed the day after Brandon Bernard. Bernard's death sentence was ...

Scott Baio is not happy with ‘Happy DaysDemocratic fundraiser

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It's a definite "geen" for Scott Baio joining his former fellow "Gelukkige dae" cast members for Sunday's planned virtual fundraiser. Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Don Most, Anson Williams and Marion Ross are reportedly set...