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9/11 family member says Biden’s ‘silence is deafeningas docs purport to show Saudi tie to attacks

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In Oktober 2020, Biden wrote in a letter that families like that of Brett Eagleson "are right to seek the full truth and accountability" and that he would direct the Justice Department to "personally examine the meri...

Joe Concha details ’18-wheelerBiden’s history of lies, the media’s silence is deafening

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President Biden can basically say whatever he wants -- and get away with it! So, are we starting to catch on that maybe -- just maybe – the 46th president of the United States isn't the second coming of George Washi...

Dem congressman calls out progressives‘deafeningsilence on anti-Semitic attacks

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Rep. Dean Phillips, whose district covers the western suburbs of the Twin Cities including Bloomington, Eden Prairie and Edina, put his progressive colleagues on notice in a Monday tweet. The two-term congressman evi...