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Biden doubling down in wrong direction on lowering gas prices: Jackie DeAngelis

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BIDEN PRESS OFFICE PLAGUED BY NEGATIVE COVERAGE, MESSAGING GAFFES AS MEDIA SIGNALS ‘HONEYMOON IS OVER’ JACKIE DEANGELIS: The forecasters that I follow on Wall Street do not see prices moderating at all. En jy weet ...

Jackie DeAngelis rips Biden’s crises: Admin ‘sits on its heelsuntil problems reach tipping point

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MCCARTHY CLAIMS BIDEN'S NEVER TAKEN HIS CALLS: I CALLED THE WHITE HOUSE SWITCHBOARD TO TALK TO HIM JACKIE DEANGELIS: And this is the kind of thing that is so outrageous because this administration sits on its heels, ...

Breast cancer awareness: Fox News’ Kayleigh McEnany, Gerri Willis, Jackie DeAngelis get real about diagnoses

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FOX Business anchor and reporter Gerri Willis was first diagnosed with Stage 3 lobular breast cancer in 2016. She described the strain as a "weird kind" that’s hard to pick up with a mammogram – but after showing phy...