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Indiana officers fold American flag found in tornado debris: ‘It just felt right

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Die beamptes, Sergeant Derek Bogenschutz and Deputy Eric Smitley, gesê op "jakkals & Vriende" Monday that the tornado caused damage to homes, vehicles and power lines. REP. BRIAN MAST: FLAG DAY 2021 – WHAT EVERY AMER...

NASA slams China after rocket debris lands near Maldives for ‘failing to meet responsible standards

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Sightings of the Chinese rocket debris reentering Earth's atmosphere and scorching across the pre-dawn skies were reported in Jordan, Oman and Saudi Arabia. CHINA'S ROGUE LONG MARCH 5B ROCKET DEBRIS LANDS IN INDIAN O...

China rocket debris falling toward Earth this weekend; point of impact still unknown

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The core or first-stage rockets normally don't go into orbit and make a controlled re-entry shortly after launching. Egter, Long March 5B -- launched to carry a module for China's first permanent space station on A...

China’s loosely regulated rocket debris could be dangerousand harmful to US industry

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The craft launched just over a week ago carrying components for China’s upcoming Tianhe space station. Its first stage rocket, for undisclosed reasons, traveled too far up, resulting in an unpredictable, unrestrained...

Chinese rocket debris photographed in space

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Gianluca Masi, who runs the online Virtual Telescope Project, took a 0.5-second exposure photo of the fast-moving Long March 5B rocket from Italy using the "Elena" 17-inch Paramount robotic telescope. WHAT HAPPENS WH...

Chinese rocket debris is expected to crash into Earth soon. It’s not the first time.

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Washington The large Chinese rocket that is out of control and set to reenter Earth's atmosphere this weekend has brought about an alarming but not unprecedented situation. Space debris has crashed into Earth on a n...

Chinese rocket to make uncontrolled reentry; unclear where debris will hit: verslag doen

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SpaceNews reported that the core of the Long March 5B, which is considered a variant of the country's largest rocket, will reenter the Earth within the next week as one of the "largest instances of uncontrolled reent...

Vragvliegtuig se enjin vlam aan die brand, vullis wat twee mense in 'n Nederlandse stad beseer, laat val

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Twee mense is beseer nadat stukke van 'n vragvliegtuig uitgebreek en op 'n dorp in Nederland geval het, volgens owerhede daar. Stukke metaal het op die stad Meerssen geval na 'n Boeing 747 vragvliegtuig ex ...