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Debt-ceiling crisis averted – at least for now

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That’s what Democrats needed if they wanted to alter Senate precedent on the legislative tactic, this one linked specifically to lifting the debt ceiling. The Senate finally took a vote Thursday to end a filibuster ...

Senate OKs $480B debt-ceiling hike after 11 Republicans join Dems in letting vote proceed

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Senate Democrats passed the $ 480 billion increase by a simple majority vote of 50-48. The vote on the final measure occurred after 11 GOP lawmakers joined Democrats in a vote to invoke cloture, clearing the 60-vote...

Debt-ceiling deal apparently reached in Congress, averting trouble for now

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Democrats and Republicans on Wednesday forged what appeared to be a compromise on the debt ceiling. Líder de la mayoría del Senado Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., teed up a vote to break a filibuster on a bill that would suspend the...