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Why becoming a stay-at-home dad was the best decision I ever made

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When people ask me why I am a stay-at-home dad, I've usually been pretty busy. One time I was wiping dried formula off my shirt. Another time I was chasing a potty-training toddler into the wrong bathroom, and I re...

Kim Kardashian addresses decision to discuss sex tape on ‘KUWTK’ in 2007: ‘I’m sure they loved it’

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In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Kardashian, 40, said in hindsight she likely wouldn't have publicly addressed the scandal had "KUWTK" not existed. Natuurlik, the show took off and producers have sin...

Sy. Kevin Cramer: Biden’s pipeline to Putin – his decision puts American national security at risk

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On Biden’s first day in office, he revoked a permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have brought us energy from our ally Canada and thousands of good-paying U.S. blue-collar jobs in the process. Nou, he is...

Naomi Osaka se suster het insig gegee aan die geestesgesondheid van die tennisster voordat hy besluit het om hom aan die Franse Ope te onttrek

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Mari Osaka het 'n lang boodskap op Reddit geskryf waarin sy verduidelik dat haar suster ontsteld was ná haar eerste ronde in Rome tydens die Italiaanse Ope., en die idee dat sy sleg was op kleivelde, het by haar opgekom. Mari Osaka verduidelik..

Haney keeps WBC lightweight title, beats Linares by decision

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As it turned out, Haney came close to needing an excuse of his own. After dominating the first seven rounds, Haney weathered a late surge by Linares to unanimously outpoint the former three-weight champion on Saturda...

Paula Abdul praat oor die besluit om 'n borshersiening te ondergaan: My inplantings was ''n bietjie te groot’

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Die "Reguit op" sanger, 58, het 'n borshersieningsoperasie ondergaan om haar kwessie van "te groot" van borsinplantings wat haar rugpyn veroorsaak het. Sy bespreek dit met die dokter wat haar operasie uitgevoer het..

‘American Idol’ star Arthur Gunn addresses his decision to leave show ‘last minute’ ahead of season finale

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The singer and guitar strummer took to Instagram on Monday to address why he skipped out on the "Idol" Seisoen 19 sendoff that would have seen Gunn perform alongside Sheryl Crow. "Wel, let's just say I missed my oppo...

Montana Gov. Gianforte backs decision to cap extended unemployment benefits: Time to ‘get back to work’

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GIANFORTE: We've had a terrific response. Jy weet, we were paying people to stay home, which was appropriate during the midst of the pandemic. And as you know, we were the first state to remove these supplemental be...

No court decision on Suez Canal’s claims over massive vessel that blocked waterway

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The authority and the ship’s owner are in dispute as to whose fault it was that the ship ran aground in the canal linking the Mediterranean and Red Seas – and how much compensation should be paid. SUEZ CANAL SHIP'S C...

Nikole Hannah-Jones sal nie amp by UNC kry nie. Die politiek in die besluit is moeilik om te mis.

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Washington U kan dink dat die bekroonde joernalis van die New York Times, Nikole Hannah-Jones, 'n kans sal wees vir 'n vaste pos aan die Universiteit van Noord-Carolina in Chapel Hill. Jy sou verkeerd wees. In April, U ...

Genl. Petraeus on Biden’s planned pull-out from Afghanistan: ‘I fear we are going to regret this decision

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GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS, RET.: I fear that we are going to look back and regret this decision. What could happen now and what seems beginning to be happening is Taliban further taking control of different territory, some...

Former acting defense secretary invokes Kent State massacre in defending decision not to send military to Capitol on January 6

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Washington Former acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller invoked the Kent State massacre on Wednesday as he told Congress why he didn't believe the US military should have responded to the Capitol insurrectio...

Jaguars’ Tim Tebow decision hinges on tight end draft pick: verslag doen

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The Jaguars made waves before the NFL Draft when it was revealed the team worked Tebow out at a new position – tight end. Tebow had reportedly been against switching positions during his short-lived NFL career and wa...

Veterans group slams NYC decision to deny permit for Memorial Day march while allowing Cannabis Parade

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James Haynes III, CEO of United Staten Island Veterans Organization Inc., and his attorney Brendan Lantry pointed out that last week’s Cannabis Parade got the green light from the city. Veterans were set to be given...

Jinger Duggar details her decision to wear pants despite religious upbringing: ‘My convictions were changing’

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Die 27-jarige, who is one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 kinders, wore only skirts and dresses growing up. "My mom had always dressed us girls in skirts and dresses, a standard that was taken from Deuteronom...

Chicago Sun-Times-redaksie vier Facebook se besluit om Trump se verbod te handhaaf: ‘Kom ons hou dit so’

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"Goeie nuus vir Amerika: Trump het steeds afgegaan om op badmure te krap," die Sun-Times se hoofartikel wat Woensdag gelees is. Terwyl die Facebook-toesigraad nie in die guns van die voormalige president beslis het nie, ek ...

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