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France wins UEFA Nations League as VAR decision leaves Spain frustrated

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France came from behind to defeat Spain and claim the UEFA Nations League on Sunday thanks to goals from Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé. los 2-1 victory at the San Siro in Milan sees France become the second countr...

DOJ reviewing decision not to prosecute FBI agents in Nassar case

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The news came from Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, who told the Senate Judiciary Committee about it Tuesday during a hearing focused on the Violence Against Women Act. US OLYMPIC GYMNASTS SLAM NASSAR INVESTIGATI...

Bears starting quarterback situation for Week 4 a game-time decision, coach says

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Bears head coach Matt Nagy, who said earlier in the week any of the three quarterbacks on the Bears roster could be starting in Week 4, has yet to make a decision on who will be under center. The Bears are set to pla...

Cori Bush shares personal story of sexual assault as a teenager and decision to have an abortion

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Reps. Cori Bush on Thursday shared her personal experience of how she was raped as a teenager, became pregnant and chose to get an abortion. It was one of the first times that Bush, a Missouri Democrat, has spoken pu...

Kristi Noem’s decision to reject girlssports bill faces new scrutiny amid questions of lobbyist’s influence

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A top speaker at CPAC this year, she's earned accolades for her refusal to implement certain restrictions during the pandemic. The atmosphere around Noem shifted, sin embargo, when she used a "style-and-form" veto to alt...

Enviado especial a Haití dimite citando "inhumano"’ Decisión de EE. UU. De deportar a miles de haitianos de la frontera de EE. UU.

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Daniel Foote, el enviado especial de Estados Unidos a Haití, ha entregado su dimisión al secretario de Estado Antony Blinken, diciendo que lo hará "no estar asociado con los Estados Unidos inhumano, decisión contraproducente de depor ...

Gen. Jack Keane reacts to Biden’s decision to terminate Trump appointees from military boards: ‘Simply wrong

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The move has been criticized as a political one, seeing as previous presidents have not demanded the resignation of those military academy board members from prior administrations. KELLYANNE CONWAY, SEAN SPICER FIRE...

Stephen Breyer calls Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion law ‘very, muy, very wrong

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Washington US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer called the high court's recent refusal to block a controversial Texas law that bars abortions at six weeks "muy, muy, very wrong." "I'll add one more 'very,' " la...

Florida may consider abortion bill similar to Texas after SCOTUS decision

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Republican Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson confirmed that the Sunshine State would be likely joining other states in passing anti-abortion legislation following the Supreme Court’s decision, he told WFLA on T...

Judge reverses decision, allows unvaccinated mom to see her son

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"Judge Shapiro just issued an order vacating portions of his prior order of August 11th so Rebecca Firlit can see her son again," Rebecca Firlit’s attorney, Annette Fernholz, le dijo a FOX 32 Chicago Monday. Firlit said ...

NFL teams mull decision when to start rookie QBs

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The timeline for the three other first-round quarterbacks in this year's draft is a bit murkier. But if recent history is any guide, Trey Lance, Justin Fields and Mac Jones don't figure to wait too long to get their ...

Jake Paul beats Tyron Woodley via split decision, remains undefeated

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Paul defeated Tyron Woodley via split decision to pick up his fourth professional boxing win. It was the first time in the YouTube star’s short career he didn’t end the fight with a knockout. The bout lasted all eigh...

McCarthy slams Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal as ‘partisan, political decision designed for a photo-op’

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"There are hundreds and could be thousands of Americans that are going to get left behind in Afghanistan," McCarthy, R-Calif., told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on "Futuros del domingo por la mañana." MCCARTHY SAYS PELOSI MUST...

Aaron Rodgers sticks up for unvaxxed teammates, ‘it’s a personal decision’

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Now back in practice and re-establishing chemistry with teammates, Rodgers is keeping his focus on the football field and staying out of extracurricular topics like vaccination status. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA VER MÁS CALA DEPORTIVA..

Madre rompe la decisión de la escuela secundaria de hacer que los atletas usen monitores de tobillo: "No hubo consentimiento’

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"Dejé a mi hija en la práctica el lunes para jugar voleibol. Ella me había enviado un mensaje de texto diciendo 'hola, mamá, me están poniendo un monitor de tobillo. Esto es muy extraño.' Así que así es como me enteré," Nicci Hadman dijo ...

Su. Tom Cotton slams Biden’s ‘ill adviseddecision to keep Afghanistan withdrawal deadline

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SU. ALGODÓN TOM: No, Sean, Yo no. I think Joe Biden hasn’t explained those things because they’re all inexplicable. I’m very glad that we could have played a small part in helping Syed and Mohammed and their famili...

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