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Detroit sees decline in homicides, non-fatal shootings in 2021: ‘We’re not celebrating,’ polisiehoof sê

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Police Chief James White delivered the crime figures but cautioned that more work is needed to combat violence on the streets. DETROIT GRANDMOTHER RAPED, BEATEN OUTSIDE CHURCH DIES

Hannity: Hostile US adversaries are preparing to capitalize on Biden’s ‘cognitive decline

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Die "Hannity" host slammed Biden for his mishandling of the Afghanistan debacle in his opening monologue, calling it a testament to the administration's ability to protect U.S. interests across the globe. "The world...

US abortions see an upward trend after decades of decline

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National abortion figures in 2017 reached their lowest level since the 1973 Amerikaanse. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortions. But the next two years, there were small increases in the abortion rate and numbers, t ...

Abortion access advocates repeatedly decline to say at House hearing whether procedure takes a human life

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Johnson, R-La., had pressed Stephanie Loraine Piñeiro, the co-executive director of Florida Access Network, and Texas OB-GYN Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi about whether abortion ended a human life. "Does abortion kill somethi...

Covid’s decline may be good news for America, bad news for Biden

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But apparently not for the Democrats. That’s not my analysis, it’s the takeaway by Politico, which says "the political fallout may be severe, especially for Democrats." "It takes away a great issue," Ben Tribbett, a ...

Schiff ‘heartbrokenby Mueller’s decline during Russia probe: ‘This was not the Bob Mueller I knew

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Mueller, 77, was appointed special counsel in May 2017 to oversee an investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 Amerikaanse. presidentsverkiesing. In Julie 2019, Mueller testified on his findings, wat ...

New study suggests breastfeeding may help prevent cognitive decline

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Researchers at the University of California, Die Engele, conducted a study that found women over the age of 50 who had breastfed their babies performed better on cognitive tests compared to women who had never breas...

Hannity: US in a ‘dangerous state of decline’ onder Biden

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"He caused each and every one of these crises," Het Hannity gesê. "They were all preventable, and with each passing day, his administration's policies and proposals are only making everything worse. And sadly, it's not e...

Mets decline Luis Rojascontract for 2022 after two losing seasons

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The Mets declined Rojas’ contract for 2022 after the manager failed to produce a winning season. The club finished third in the National League East with a 77-85 record in Steve Cohen’s first year of ownership. KLIK ...

COVID-19 cases hit 1st ‘substantial declinein months, WHO reports

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All regions worldwide reported declines in new infections compared to the prior week, according to the WHO’s latest COVID-19 weekly epidemiological update, released Sept. 14. Nietemin, die VSA., VK, Indië, Iran ...

Why Biden’s seen a (slight) decline in his approval ratings

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Peiling van die week: A new Quinnipiac University poll finds that President Joe Biden's approval rating stands at 46%, while his disapproval rating sits at 43%. His approval rating in Quinnipiac's previous poll was 49%....

Audit push by Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker hits roadblock as counties decline to hand over election materials

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A Pennsylvania Republican's effort to launch a ballot audit of the 2020 results in the Keystone State has hit a roadblock after three counties declined to hand over their election materials and voting machines. Earl...

Eating foods high in flavonoids could slow down cognitive decline, a study says

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Eating a plate full of colorful foods like strawberries and peppers, which include flavonoids, could slow your cognitive decline, 'n nuwe studie gevind. People who ate about 600 milligrams (0.02 onse) of flavonoids pe...

Leo Terrell slams Newsom’s claim of ‘significant decline in crime

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"The evidence doesn't back it up [that Prop 47 is ‘making crime worse’] – the last three decades we have seen a significant decline in crime in the state," Newsom said in response to a reporter's recent question: "Yo...

Dr. Cornel West shares Harvard resignation letter, says the Divinity School is in ‘decline

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The professor said he tried to "tell the unvarnished truth about the decadence in our market-driven universities" in the letter written to the dean and dated June 30. "Let us bear witness against this spiritual rot!"...

Flossing your teeth may protect against cognitive decline, research shows

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Flossing your teeth isn't just important for keeping your dentist happy -- it may also protect against cognitive decline. Good oral health habits like brushing and flossing may prevent cognitive impairment and deme...

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