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Diversi giocatori dei Tampa Bay Rays rifiutano di indossare i loghi LGBTQ sulle divise per la Pride Night, dicono i rapporti

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Diversi giocatori dei Tampa Bay Rays non hanno indossato i loghi LGBTQ sulle loro divise per la celebrazione della Pride Night della squadra durante la partita di sabato contro i Chicago White Sox. Secondo il Tampa Bay Times, a le...

Daniel Jones gets comforting words from Pro Football Hall of Famer after Giants decline fifth-year option

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The Giants declined Jones’ fifth-year option after a handful of disappointing seasons in which inconsistent play and injuries overshadowed some his accomplishments. Ammonitore, who played for the Giants at the start of t...

Steelers decline 5th-year option on Devin Bush

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have declined the fifth-year option on the inside linebacker, meaning he can become a free agent next spring. Pittsburgh traded up in the first round of the 2019 draft to take Bush with the 10...

Vikings decline 5th-year option on Garrett Bradbury

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Bradbury made 45 starts for the Vikings in three years since he was taken with the No. 18 overall selection out of North Carolina State. He missed two games in 2021 with COVID-19 and lost his starting spot to Mason C...

Mid-budget movies as we knew them are in decline. What does that mean for cinema?

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Many have lamented the perceived demise of the mid-budget movie in recent years. These movies -- everything from romantic comedies like "Sleepless in Seattle" to dramas like "Filadelfia" o "Good Will Hunting" -- ...

Prosecutors decline to bring charges against deputy in fatal shooting in California

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Prosecutors declined to bring charges against an Orange County, California, sheriff's deputy who fatally shot a man 16 months ago during a struggle over a fellow deputy's gun that started as a street stop for jaywal...

Republicans urge Biden to take cognitive test, say his ‘mental declinehas ‘become more apparent

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The Republican push for Biden to undergo cognitive testing comes as recent polls have shown Americans are unsure of the president's mental fitness for office. Former physician to the president Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-...

Pence aides decline to talk about direct conversations with Trump even as they answer other questions

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Top aides to Vice President Mike Pence did not discuss direct conversations with former President Donald Trump over several hours of questioning in recent interviews with the House select committee investigating the...

Detroit sees decline in homicides, non-fatal shootings in 2021: ‘We’re not celebrating,’ dice il capo della polizia

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Police Chief James White delivered the crime figures but cautioned that more work is needed to combat violence on the streets. DETROIT GRANDMOTHER RAPED, BEATEN OUTSIDE CHURCH DIES

Hannity: Hostile US adversaries are preparing to capitalize on Biden’s ‘cognitive decline

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Il "Hannity" host slammed Biden for his mishandling of the Afghanistan debacle in his opening monologue, calling it a testament to the administration's ability to protect U.S. interests across the globe. "The world...

US abortions see an upward trend after decades of decline

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National abortion figures in 2017 reached their lowest level since the 1973 NOI. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortions. But the next two years, there were small increases in the abortion rate and numbers, t ...

Abortion access advocates repeatedly decline to say at House hearing whether procedure takes a human life

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Johnson, R-La., had pressed Stephanie Loraine Piñeiro, the co-executive director of Florida Access Network, and Texas OB-GYN Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi about whether abortion ended a human life. "Does abortion kill somethi...

Covid’s decline may be good news for America, bad news for Biden

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But apparently not for the Democrats. That’s not my analysis, it’s the takeaway by Politico, which says "the political fallout may be severe, especially for Democrats." "It takes away a great issue," Ben Tribbett, un...

Schiff con il cuore spezzato’ dal declino di Mueller durante l'indagine in Russia: "Questo non era il Bob Mueller che conoscevo"’

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Mueller, 77, è stato nominato consigliere speciale a maggio 2017 per supervisionare un'indagine sulle accuse di interferenza russa nella 2016 NOI. Elezioni presidenziali. Nel mese di luglio 2019, Mueller ha testimoniato sulle sue scoperte, whi ...

New study suggests breastfeeding may help prevent cognitive decline

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Researchers at the University of California, Gli angeli, conducted a study that found women over the age of 50 who had breastfed their babies performed better on cognitive tests compared to women who had never breas...

Hannity: US in a ‘dangerous state of decline’ sotto Biden

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"He caused each and every one of these crises," Ha detto Hannity. "They were all preventable, and with each passing day, his administration's policies and proposals are only making everything worse. And sadly, it's not e...