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Italy will likely hold a referendum on decriminalizing cannabis next year

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Italy will likely decide whether or not to decriminalize cannabis in a referendum next year, after campaign groups managed to gather the required 500,000 signatures in a week. Popular referendums in Italy can be cal...

Oregon’s law decriminalizing small amounts of heroin and other street drugs officially goes into effect

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Oregon has become the first state in the nation to officially decriminalize the possession and personal use of all drugs. Kiesers in die staat het Maatskappy goedgekeur 110 in November, but it officially went into effect Mon...

The UAE takes steps towards modernization by decriminalizing alcohol and suicide

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The United Arab Emirates has introduced a slew of reforms on personal status and penal laws as part of a years-long bid to modernize the Gulf state and promote a progressive brand of Islam. Oor die naweek, the oil...