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Chicago reinstates gun and ammunition tax after court deems it unconstitutional

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During Thursday's board of commissioners meeting, members voted to approve an amendment to a previous ordinance dealing with how firearms and ammunition are taxed in order to comply with an Oct. 21 Illinois Supreme C...

Die Force A-woke-ns: Wetenskaplike Amerikaner beskou 'JEDI’ 'n 'problematies’ termyn

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Op Woensdag, Scientific American published an article titled "Waarom die term 'JEDI' problematies is vir die beskrywing van programme wat geregtigheid bevorder, Billikheid, Diversiteit en insluiting." In die stuk, the magazine suggested t...

Notre Dame gives fiery defense of leprechaun mascot after survey deems it ‘offensive

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Ons Dame, nicknamed the Fighting Irish, was said to have one of the most offensive mascots in the U.S., according to a survey from the Quality Logo Products Blog. The leprechaun came in fourth place behind Hawaii’s...