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Greg Gutfeld: President Biden is in deep trouble, the Democratic Party wants to ‘ditch’ hom

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And most Americans are as disgusted with the economy as they are with Nancy Pelosi's neckline. Natuurlik, there is no recession, hulle sê, as they try to redefine the term recession, the way they redefined riots, en ...

Johnny Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, recalls late singer’s deep devotion to faith: ‘His greatest legacy’

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The gravel-voiced singer, bekend as "The Man in Black," oorlede in 2003 op ouderdom 71. As kind, he grew up in the church and was deeply influenced by his mother’s devotion to God. He would later record "My Mother’s...

Regter Jeanine: Highland Park shooting suspect’s parents are ‘in deep legal trouble

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JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: If you go into a home and there are 17 knives and one sword and one dagger, and the individual had tried to kill himself a few months earlier, you don’t take the knives and then say, "Gee, you kn...

Boris Johnson is deep in another crisis. Hierdie keer, it really could be game over

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Boris Johnson's Conservative government is in deep crisis, engulfed once more in a scandal that is at least in part of the Prime Minister's own making. And this time, it's a lot worse than all the other times. ...

Abortion clinics in the Deep South are dealing with the realities of a post-Roe v. Wade world

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Jenny and Lisa had two very different experiences when they each decided to visit the Alabama Women's Center in Huntsville, nearly two weeks apart. Lisa, 18, was able to undergo an abortion procedure on June 10, sh ...

Kardinale’ Miles Mikolas has no-hitter broken up one strike away: ‘Deep down it kind of stinks

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Mikolas had Pirates right fielder Cal Mitchell on 2-2- count when Mitchell connected on a pitch to center field. The ball went just beyond the outstretched arm of Harrison Bader and bounced over the fence for a groun...

Krygers’ Jordan Poole banks in deep buzzer-beating three-pointer, NBA fans go wild

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Poole got the last-second pass from Andrew Wiggins and banked in the long 38-footer to put Golden State up 75-74 going into the fourth quarter. Poole had nine points at that point. Golden State Warriors g...

Georgia Sonic workers find large snake behind deep fryer

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When the fast food employees found a large python behind the deep fryer on May 21, they called the Brunswick police and fled the restaurant, Associated Press berig. When Lt. Matthew Wilson arrived, the Sonic ...

Prince Harry enjoys a deep stretch before a polo match in Santa Barbara

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The Duke of Sussex put an emphasis on his stretching techniques before partaking in a match with Los Padres team. The match took place at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club. Harry is no stranger to his pre-game ...

Voters in deep blue North Carolina city talk priorities on eve of primary

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"I guess inflation is the biggest thing," said Ralph, of Durham, NC, who told Fox News he is still undecided about whom he will vote for. Nida Allam (D) campaign sign in Durham, NC. (Matt Leach/Fox Di...

Why McCarthy’s Jan. 6 calls reflect a deep Republican divide

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He didn’t want to "play politics" with the Capitol riot; die land was "too crazy" op die oomblik. He wanted his more extreme members to rein it in. In private calls with his leadership team, he named names, reacti...

Lawrence Jones warns Democrats are in ‘deep waterahead of midterms

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LAWRENCE JONES: So November midterms are just around the corner and Democrats are starting to feel some serious heat. Karma is coming to bite them back. Real America is getting fed up with what they're seeing in Wash...

Ja Morant has Grizzlies thinking deep postseason run

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Morant sat out the regular season finale on Sunday, but returned the night before after missing nine games with a sore right knee. "I felt like I needed a game or two to get my legs back under me, to get the game-typ...

‘Benjamin Franklinoffers Ken Burnslatest deep dive into US history

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There's something comforting about Ken Burns' PBS documentaries dealing with subjects that predate video, since the filmmaker, unlike most of the industry, eschews dramatic reenactments in favor of a low-tech approa...

Avalanche 60-80 feet deep cuts off houses in Anchorage

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An avalanche measuring between 60 aan 80 feet deep and 300 aan 400 feet wide has cut off nearly 100 houses in Anchorage, Alaska, according to public officials. Officers with the Anchorage Police Department (APD) na motorongeluk in Texas.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas bring unhappily married heat to ‘Deep Water

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Seeing exes Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas on screen together will be an undeniable attraction (if not of the "Fatal" variety) vir "Deep Water," but that shouldn't obscure the simple pleasures of this erotic thriller ...

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