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Bodies of drowned deer recovered from frozen lake after being scared by poachers

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Varsavia, PolandPolish rescuers recovered the bodies of a herd of drowned deer on Thursday after illegal poachers scared the animals with firecrackers and drove them onto a frozen lake where the ice then broke. The res...

A hunter was fatally shot in Minnesota by another hunter when he was mistaken for a deer

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A man hunting in Minnesota last week was fatally shot when another hunter mistook him for a deer. The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office said in a news release that it received a report from the Federal Bureau of Inv...

A Colorado woman cited after her pet deer gored a woman walking her dog

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A Colorado woman was cited with two misdemeanors for illegally raising a young deer that attacked and gored one of her neighbors, according to state wildlife officials. The buck attacked a woman walking her dog on ...

South Dakota attorney general involved in fatal car crash initially reported he hit a deer

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South Dakota's attorney general struck and killed a man while driving on Saturday night, a death that was discovered after he initially told police he had hit a deer, the South Dakota Department of Public Safety sai...