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Judge allows Summer Zervosdefamation lawsuit against Trump to proceed now that he’s out of office

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A New York appeals court on Tuesday paved the way for a defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump to move forward. In a one-sentence order, the appeals court granted the request form Summer Zervos, a ...

Supreme Court refuses to take up Stormy Daniels appeal in defamation case against Trump

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Washington The Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up a defamation case that the adult movie actress known as Stormy Daniels filed against former President Donald Trump, leaving in place lower court rulings that...

Indian court rules in favor of female journalist sued for defamation over sexual harassment allegations

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An Indian court has ruled in favor of a female journalist who was sued for defamation after accusing a former minister of sexual harassment, in one of the country's earliest and most prominent #MeToo cases. The jour...

Jerry Falwell Jr. sues Liberty University for defamation

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Jerry Falwell Jr., who resigned as president of Liberty University in August after a sex scandal and other controversies, is now suing the evangelical school for defamation and breach of contract. The suit was fil...

Regter verwerp DOJ se poging om Trump in E te verdedig. Jean Carroll aanklag oor laster van laster

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A federal judge on Tuesday denied the Justice Department's effort to intervene in a defamation lawsuit brought against President Donald Trump by a longtime magazine columnist who has alleged he raped her, paving the...

Attorney General Barr defends move to defend Trump in E. Jean Carroll defamation case

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Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday defended the Justice Department's decision to represent President Donald Trump in a defamation lawsuit filed by a woman who has accused Trump of sexual assault in the 1990s...

Justice Department wants to defend Trump in E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit

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The US Justice Department, in an extraordinary move on Tuesday, asked to take over the defense of President Donald Trump in a defamation lawsuit filed against him by E. Jean Carroll, a woman who has accused Trump of...