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Afghan prime minister defends Taliban’s rule amid crisis

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The half-hour audio played on state-run media was the first such public address by Mohammed Hassan Akhund since the Taliban captured Kabul and secured their rule over the country three months ago. The Taliban takeove...

Malawi defends decision to ask Mike Tyson to be its cannabis ambassador

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The government of Malawi has defended its decision to invite the former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson to become the country's official cannabis ambassador following a backlash over his conviction for rape in...

Newly-freed Sudan prime minister defends deal with military, says he made it to ‘avoid bloodshed

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Sudan's newly reinstated prime minister told CNN on Tuesday that he compromised in a deal with the country's military in order to "avoid bloodshed" and a civil war. Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and other ministers...

アンソニー・デイビスがレブロン・ジェームズを擁護, 法廷での戦いの後、アイザイア・スチュワートでジャブを取る

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事件は第3四半期にファウルショットで発生しました. ジェームズとスチュワートは、ジェームズが肘をスチュワートの目と接続したときに、お互いを箱から出そうとしていました。. スチュワートはジェームズとレイカーズの選手に起訴された。.


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"これまでになかったことが学校で起こっています," マハー, のホスト "リアルタイム" HBOで, CNNのクリス・クオモに語った. "今、私は学校にいません, 私は子供たちとは何の交流もありません, でもやるよ ...

Trump defends threats to Pence on January 6 in new audio

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Former President Donald Trump appeared to defend the threats made against then-Vice President Mike Pence during the January 6 insurrection in a new audio recording released Friday. "上手, the people were very angry,...

Thai court rules protesters sought to topple monarchy as kingdom defends royal insults law at UN

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Bangkok, ThailandA Thai court ruled on Wednesday that three anti-government activists who had called for reform of the country's powerful monarchy had violated the constitution by making what it called a veiled attem...


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ベットマンは組織の $ 2 百万罰金 "重要な" そして、ジョエル・ケネビルにもう1つのゲームを指導させ、ウィニペグのゼネラルマネージャーであるケビン・シェベルダヨフを彼の制限に基づいて懲戒させないという決定を支持しました。.

ブレーブス’ Brian Snitker defends pulling Ian Anderson in the middle of no-hitter

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Anderson went five innings and struck out four batters. He didn’t allow a hit and could’ve made history as one of the only pitchers to throw at least a no-hitter in a World Series game. Atlanta nearly became the lone...

Former Broward County cop defends actions at Parkland ahead of criminal trial

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Scot Peterson, who worked as a school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, made the comments ahead of a trial in which he is facing child negligence charges. "On February 14, 2018... we responde...


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マンフレッドは、ブレーブスがそのコミュニティとどのように協力してきたかに満足していると述べました. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . "ブレーブスはネイティブアメリカンのコミュニティで驚異的な仕事をしました," 彼は経由で言った ...

Nancy Pelosi defends progressives amid reconciliation fight

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CNNの出演中 "労働組合の状態," Pelosi disagreed with host Jake Tapper after he said "moderates are frustrated" because several deadlines to pass the two major pieces of legislation were missed "b.。.

ジョーローガンは「友人」を擁護します’ 加熱されたポッドキャスト交換後のSanjayGupta: 私たちは「楽しい会話をしました’

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先週の3時間のインタビューからの複数の交換がソーシャルメディアに現れました, イベルメクチンの使用に関する彼のネットワークの報道をめぐるローガンのグプタ朝のグリルを含む, その中で彼の医者によって処方された薬 ...

PsakiはBidenWHのChiefKlainの「トーン聴覚障害者」を擁護します’ インフレツイート

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"ロン・クレインがメッセージをリツイートしました...そのインフレ & サプライチェーンの問題は「一流の問題」です,’しかし、最も急激な値上げのいくつかは...すべてのアメリカ人が購入する製品を含みます," FoxNewsのJacquiHeinrichが尋ねます。.

Tech entrepreneur defends supporting Ron DeSantis after Bloomberg reporter called him ‘divisive

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火曜日に, Sacks appeared on "Bloomberg Technology" where host Emily Chang asked the former PayPal chief operating officer about his support for a "divisive candidate" like DeSantis. "Why do you support such a divis...

‘Marvelous Mrs. メイゼル’ actor Tony Shalhoub defends his casting following Sarah Silverman’s ‘Jewface’ コメント

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俳優, who is a Maronite Christian, defended his casting as a Jewish professor in "マーベラスミセス. メイゼル" after the female comedian recently voiced concerns with non-Jewish celebrities taking on Jewish roles....

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