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Greg Gutfeld: You know you’re in deep, when you litigate the definition of ‘stranded

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Remember this classic blast from the past? Bill Clinton, September 1998: "It depends upon what the meaning of the word "is" is" As it turned out, "is" bedoel "your wife is going to lose to Trump in 20 jare." Het nie ...

‘Die Vyf’ reacts to Fauci’s ‘Clintonianfireworks with Sen. Paul: ‘Depends on the definition of ‘is

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Paul, who is also a medical doctor, called out Fauci for his National Institutes of Allergy & Infectious Disease's past funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the coronavirus may have originated He beg...

Greenwald: WH and Big Tech ‘ironicallycreating textbook ‘definition of fascismthey claim to be against

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Greenwald, who notably broke the Edward Snowden-NSA civilian surveillance story, vertel "Fox News Primetime" that the apparent merger between large private business firms and a powerful federal government is a "classic...

Rep. Green slams Pelosi’s ‘unscientificmask rules: ‘Definition of hypocrisy

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MARK GREEN: This is the definition of hypocrisy. Jy weet, leierskap 101 at West Point for me 35 jare terug, the first thing they teach you is you never ask people to do something you as the leader aren't willing to ...

Tulsi Gabbard warns vague federal definition of ‘domestic extremistswill further endanger civil liberties

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STEYN: There's something very bizarre going on in America right now. Normaalweg, the state is very hard to steer, like the titanic. Tog, all of our key agencies in the so-called intelligence community have turned on a ...

Daar is 'n werklike wetenskaplike definisie van 'n 'wit Kersfees’

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Terwyl amper 100% van Kersfeesflieks wys pragtige komberse vars, sagte sneeu op Kersoggend, die werklikheid is slegs ongeveer 'n dosyn state het meer as 'n 70% kans om gemiddeld elke jaar tot sneeu wakker te word ...