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Democratic National Committee to delay rules committee vote on early state calendar

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Washington, DC Democratic National Committee officials have begun to inform top national and state party members that the decision on which states will go first in the party's 2024 nominating process has been delayed...

Children in Uvalde, Texas, school shooting might have died due to police delay: Texas Lt. Goewerneur. Patrick

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LT. GOV. DAN PATRICK: This was an abject failure of policing. And later today, we had various police forces on the Police Association, school police, sheriffs — they all basically apologized for this total failure of...

Their records were locked in caves during the pandemic. Now they say an ‘unreasonable delayis still stalling their citizenship applications

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It sounds like a scenario from another era. Millions of paper immigration files are stored in a sprawling network of limestone caves around Kansas City. Some of those underground storage facilities operated with red...

Sergio Pérez wins dramatic Monaco Grand Prix after heavy rain causes long delay

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Sergio Pérez produced a brilliant drive as Red Bull capitalized on a dramatic Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday. The Mexican driver started the race third but leapfrogged the leaders during an action-packed race. While P...

Texas mass shooting: FBI profiler says mass shooters show ‘risk factors,’ calls police delay ‘concerning

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"With the shooter, some of the early terminology calling him ‘mentally ill’ or [sê] his behavior was driven by mental illness can be misleading because they aren’t always mentally ill," she said of mass shooters....

Netflix host Emily Calandrelli demands clearer TSA breastfeeding policies after security delay

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Emily Calandrelli, gasheer van 2020 "Emily’s Wonder Lab" op Netflix, wants clearer breastfeeding policies from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) so nursing mothers can travel with breastfeeding equipment w...

Finland president, prime minister urge the country to apply for NATO membership ‘without delay

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"NATO membership would strengthen Finland’s security," Finland President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin said in a joint statement. "As a member of NATO, Finland would strengthen the entire defence alli...

USFL: Panthers, Gamblers social media accounts play game of Connect Four amid weather delay

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While the noon start of the game was delayed by weather, that didn't stop the Twitter accounts of both teams from competing ahead of the contest. "Stuck in a weather delay, let's play a game @USFLGamblers," wrote th...

Yankees’ Gerrit Cole not happy with Opening Day delay for Billy Crystal’s first pitch

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The four-time MLB All-Star appeared visibly frustrated during Friday's Opening Day festivities when the start of the game against the Boston Red Sox was delayed by four minutes as actor and director Billy Crystal too...

Truckers delay House session, even if they didn’t know it

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‘SAVE OUR ALLIES’ HELPS RESCUE FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT BENJAMIN HALL FROM BEHIND ENEMY LINES IN UKRAINE Trucks park side-by-side taking part in a nationwide convoy from California to Washington D.C. Thousa...

Democrats forced to delay vote on $1.5T omnibus spending bill, Ukraine aid

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Democrats missed their planned departure to Philadelphia Wednesday for a conference retreat and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Kalifornië., had pushed back her planned news conference as leadership huddled to find a pathwa...

Oregon crews find 1 climber dead and another seriously injured after avalanches delay rescue mission

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One person died and another was injured after suffering a steep fall on Oregon's Mount Hood, where deep snow and avalanche conditions hindered the two-day rescue effort, amptenare gesê. The climbers fell about 200 ...

Winterspele 2022: Court cites lab delay in ruling allowing Kamila Valieva to skate

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The Court of Arbitration for Sport explained its verdict in the case that has dominated Olympic headlines for more than a week in a 41-page document, met verwysing na die "untenable delay" at the testing laboratory in Sweden a...

Prokureurs vra om die staatsverhoor van beamptes wat in George Floyd se dood aangekla word, uit te stel

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Aanklaers en verdedigingsprokureurs wat die drie voormalige Minneapolis-polisiebeamptes verteenwoordig wat aangekla word van hulp en bystand in George Floyd se dood het Vrydag 'n gesamentlike mosie ingedien., vra die hof om dit weer uit te stel..

Amtrak passengers endured a 30-hour delay in Virginia after fallen trees blocked the track during winter storm

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Amtrak passengers traveling through Virginia were delayed for about 30 hours Monday night after trees downed during a winter storm blocked the train's path. Oor 120 passengers were on the Crescent Train 20 when i...

FBI whistleblower blasts delay before longtime CNN producer John Griffin’s child trafficking arrest

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The 17-month delay between a search warrant that secured longtime CNN producer John Griffin’s devices in Vermont and an arrest on child trafficking charges shows that feds "don’t give a da-- about these kind of cases...

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