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House candidates declare campaigns for districts that don’t exist yet amid redistricting delays

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Loretta Smith and Wesley Hunt are members of different parties, separated by both distance and policy. E ancora, fabbro, an Oregon Democrat, and Hunt, a Texas Republican, find themselves in similar positions headed in...

Former South African president Jacob Zuma delays prison deadline with last ditch legal maneuver

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Nkandla, South Africa Jacob Zuma and his lawyers successfully delayed the former South African president's prison sentence for contempt of court on Saturday when the country's top court agreed to hear his application...

Martinez, Renfroe lift Red Sox over Royals 6-2 amid delays

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First pitch was pushed back 41 minutes and umpires stopped play for 1 ora, 56 minutes in the middle of the sixth, but the teams managed to play nine innings. Perez (6-4) allowed two runs on seven hits over 5 1/3 inn...

DHS Secretary Mayorkas delays new deportation policy again

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The Biden administration is still operating under temporary rules set in February that strictly limit which migrants are eligible to be deported even though DHS said the permanent policy would be written "in less tha...

Haiti delays constitutional referendum to September

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Port-au-Prince Haiti will hold a constitutional referendum on Sept. 26, the same date as presidential and legislative elections, hanno detto le autorità, after postponing the date twice in part because of the pandemic, un o ...

Philippines delays scrapping of US visiting forces agreement

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ManilaThe Philippines has again suspended a decision to scrap a crucial agreement governing the US troop presence in the country, its foreign minister said on Monday, amid continuing maritime pressure from China. Il...

Memorial Day weekend travelers could face delays

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AAA predicted earlier in May that more than 37 million people are expected to travel at least 50 miles over the weekend – defined as Thursday, Maggio 27, through Monday, Maggio 31 – a 60% increase from 2020, as travelers w...

La grave minaccia di tempesta è aumentata in tutta la Florida causando ritardi negli aeroporti

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Il maltempo in tutta la Florida centrale sta causando ritardi in alcuni dei principali aeroporti dello stato poiché la minaccia di tempesta continua ad aumentare. La grave minaccia di tempesta di domenica nella penisola della Florida è stata aumentata di t ...

Bad weather causing delays in Covid-19 vaccine shipments and deliveries, Dice la Casa Bianca

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The extreme weather in parts of the country, including a hard-hit Texas, is causing delays in Covid-19 vaccine shipments and deliveries, Lo ha detto giovedì il segretario stampa della Casa Bianca Jen Psaki. The White House is workin...

Democrats demand answers about USPS delays and question postmaster general’s leadership

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Washington Congressional Democrats are calling on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to protect the country's mail from future delivery delays and raising questions about his leadership, urging President Joe Biden to fil...

La tempesta di ghiaccio causa strade insidiose e ritardi nella vaccinazione contro il Covid-19 mentre si diffonde a sud

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I residenti negli Stati Uniti centro-meridionali e centrali devono affrontare strade insidiose, la chiusura delle scuole e i ritardi nelle vaccinazioni contro il Covid-19 a causa della tempesta di ghiaccio che ha continuato a diffondersi nella regione giovedì mattina. Come milioni di pezzi ...

Western New York school district delays classes after wave of teacher resignations and leaves of absence

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A school district outside Buffalo, New York, has delayed the start of online-only learning programs for grades 5-12 because of mass staff resignations and leaves of absence, the superintendent announced on Friday. IO...

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