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California revamps Covid-19 vaccine delivery system amid criticism over slow rollout

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California is revamping its coronavirus vaccine delivery system amid criticism over the slow and inefficient rollout of doses, the California Department of Public Health announced Tuesday. The new system aims to si...

Mail carrier makes a special delivery for a mom battling Covid-19

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A Houston postal worker delivered more than just the mail to a mom recovering from Covid-19 with her two sons. She left a care package with canned soup, cracker, cookies and other goodies last week on Lisette LeJeu...

USPS did not analyze how changes would affect mail delivery, dice il cane da guardia

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The inspector general for the US Postal Service issued a new report Tuesday criticizing USPS service reductions implemented under Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, charging they were put in place without proper consid...

89-year-old pizza delivery driver gets $12,000 tip surprise from ‘TikTok Family

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The tables quickly turned for an 89-year-old pizza delivery driver who received a surprise delivery of his own from "regulars" on his route -- un $ 12,000 mancia. Derlin Newey was in disbelief Tuesday morning when the...

Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill go head-to-head in food delivery commercial

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Whether the force is with you in a galaxy far, far away or you want to boldly go where no man has gone before, you've likely never seen a face off quite like the latest offering from Uber Eats. Movie stars Mark Hami...

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