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Mail carrier makes a special delivery for a mom battling Covid-19

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A Houston postal worker delivered more than just the mail to a mom recovering from Covid-19 with her two sons. She left a care package with canned soup, cracker, cookies and other goodies last week on Lisette LeJeu...

Alabama postal worker shot while on mail delivery route

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The mail carrier was in Tarrant, a suburb of Birmingham, when the shooting occurred around 2 p.m. The worker had just delivered mail to a resident and was headed back to his truck when a car pulled up and someone ins...

California revamps Covid-19 vaccine delivery system amid criticism over slow rollout

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California is revamping its coronavirus vaccine delivery system amid criticism over the slow and inefficient rollout of doses, the California Department of Public Health announced Tuesday. The new system aims to si...

Massive Amazon delivery leaves hundreds of boxes stacked as tall as the house: ‘Only in Florida

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A series of posts on TikTok have gone viral after they revealed a Florida resident’s huge Amazon delivery. While it’s not unusual for people to get a large number of packages delivered, this took things to a new leve...

Strangers took in a delivery driver for 5 days after she was stranded in the Texas storm

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When a delivery driver began sliding down on an icy Texas driveway, she closed her eyes, praying she wouldn't hit the client's home. She didn't hit the house but Chelsea Timmons' car crushed a flowerbed outside an A...

Biden’s Afghanistan speech written poorly with even worse delivery, dicono gli esperti

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Biden delivered a fiery speech a day after U.S. troops fully exited from Afghanistan, taking full "responsabilità" for the decision to remove troops, while also shifting blame onto former President Donald Trump and t...

Dal Manchester United alla consegna della frutta: David Moyes’ lungo viaggio verso l'East End di Londra

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Nel primo blocco imposto da una pandemia nel Regno Unito, l'attuale manager del West Ham David Moyes è tornato a casa nel villaggio del Lancashire in cui vive la sua famiglia, cogliendo l'occasione per dare una mano nella comunità..

USPS to slow down some mail delivery starting Friday

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Americans across the country could start seeing slowdowns in mail delivery across the country as early as Friday when the United States Postal Service implements its new service standards. The new changes, which in...

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